Update & Expansion of Attorney Oscar Michelen’s Defense Letter Program

Matthew Chan and Oscar Michelen Headshot
Matthew Chan and Oscar Michelen

UPDATE: November 1, 2017 (Although this page was created in 2012, the information on this page is periodically updated.)

This is the Updated & Expansion of Attorney Oscar Michelen’s Defense Letter Program.

Oscar and Susan (Office Manager) have streamlined their law office operations to better accommodate and more efficiently process a larger volume of extortion letters, but more importantly, frees Oscar’s time to address higher priority issues and tasks.  We have implemented a special new email address to Oscar’s office: digitalimagelitigation@gmail.com.  That special email address will be monitored by Oscar, Susan, and staff members. Even if Oscar is away for court, vacation,  illness, or simply out of the office for any reason, you can expect his staff members to provide service, response, and attention to clients of the Defense Letter Program.

Oscar will continue to personally represent each client, oversee the service operation, and monitor messages and submissions to that email address. However, Oscar will no longer be distracted and burdened by “tire-kickers”, and other people who take his time away from servicing actual clients in the Defense Letter Program. His staff members will handle enrollment and answer questions about the Defense Letter Program.

As has always been the case, Oscar will continue to freely support the larger community through the sharing of his legal opinions and commentary on the ELI Forums, ELI update videos, and ELI Blog Articles. The Defense Letter Program is Oscar’s flagship program for those who want or need affordable legal representation against extortion letters. With a track record of several hundred Defense Letter clients since 2008, there is no lawyer in the U.S. who has seen more stock photo extortion letters and represented more stock photo extortion clients than he has. Period.

ELI will continue to be an integral component in providing an ongoing platform and communication channel for Oscar’s Defense Letter Program. I, as the Founder of ELI , continue to endorse Oscar Michelen’s Defense Letter Program.  Because I have been part of the ongoing dialog with Oscar and office manager, Susan, where I have a direct line of communication to both of them, I can endorse and advocate the Defense Letter Program for people who need or want legal representation in extortion letter matters.

Watch the Video on Oscar Michelen’s Defense Letter Program

One of the ongoing goals of the Defense Letter Program is to efficiently serve many people as cost-effectively as possible. Because of Oscar’s extensive experience gained from the last 8 years of representing stock photo extortion letter clients, I am happy to announce, on Oscar’s behalf, the Expansion of the no-frills Defense Letter Program to include legal representation against the following extortion letters:

  • Getty Images Settlement Demand Letters
  • Picscout Settlement Demand Letters
  • License Compliance Services (LCS) Settlement Demand Letters
  • Masterfile Settlement Demand Letters
  • Photo Attorney Settlement Demand Letters
  • Superstock Settlement Demand Letters
  • Corbis Settlement Demand Letters
  • Destination360 Settlement “Invoices”
  • Vincent K. Tylor Settlement Demand Letters
  • Hawaiian Art Network Settlement Demand Letters
  • Linda’s Lyrics (Dash Poem) Settlement Demand Letters
  • Sanders Law Settlement Demand Letters
  • DeBoer IP Settlement Demand Letters
  • Pixsy Settlement Demand Letters
  • Adlife Marketing & Communications (Joel Albrizio) Settlement Demand Letters
  • Higbee & Associates (Mathew Higbee) Settlement Demand Letters
  • ImageRights Settlement Demand Letters
  • And many others

Because of Oscar’s efficiency and extensive experience in providing legal representation against extortion letters, he can bypass traditional lawyer hourly fees. This is especially significant value here because Oscar typically bills his New York clients $450 per hour!

The pricing for the ever-popular Getty Images Defense Letter Program remains the same at $195.00 U.S. Dollars. Below is the pricing for the various Defense Letter Programs.

  • Getty Images Defense Letter Program: $195.00 USD
  • Picscout Settlement Demand Letters: $225.00 USD
  • Corbis Defense Letter Program: $225.00 USD
  • Hawaiian Art Network Defense Letter Program: $225.00 USD
  • Masterfile Defense Letter Program: $250.00 USD
  • Superstock Defense Letter Program: $250.00 USD
  • Photo Attorney Defense Letter Program: $250.00 USD
  • Other Unlisted Stock Photo Defense Letters:  $250.00-$295.00 USD (Depends on time & complexity)
  • Linda’s Lyrics (The Dash Poem): $250.00 USD

As always, we never do the hard sell. The quality of service and overall value speaks volumes for itself.  The program is here for anyone that wants to take advantage of it.


Due to his busy law practice, Oscar will NOT be able to answer any individual email questions on extortion letter issues. Oscar does NOT offer free phone support or phone consultation for any extortion letter issues. You can only sign up for the Defense Letter Program. If you need phone support for your situation, we have ELI Phone Support with Matthew Chan.

To sign up for the Defense Letter Program, type up a short description of your case, scan copies of the Settlement Demand Letter, any follow-up letters, and any other correspondence you may have written/emailed and then email it with your written request that you wish to hire Oscar and enroll in his Defense Letter Program to: digitalimagelitigation@gmail.com. Or you can use FAX.  Please FAX your Contact Information (email address & phone number) and your copy of the Settlement Demand Letter to: 516-741-3223.

Please allow the staff four (4) business days for someone to respond to your request. If you do not receive a response or need to follow-up on a case, call Oscar’s assistants at 516-741-3222.


DISCLAIMER NOTE: Attorney Advertising. Past performance is not a guarantee or indication of future results.