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defiantly-sqr-300pxIt has been a long time since I have made a new blog post on ELI. Most of the action generally happens in The ELI Forums. There is a reason for my reduced presence on ELI. In March 2013, ELI was the named website in a permanent protective order issued against me by a Georgia local court unconstitutionally forbidding me or anyone else from posting any commentary or information about my legal adversary, a copyright poet extortionist who wrote “The Dash”. (Go Google it yourself or better yet, visit because I can’t say anything more here on ELI. This overbroad protective order is now under appeal with the Georgia Supreme Court where I am defending my and your First Amendment rights to discuss ANY copyright extortionist and what they do even it means using harsh, edgy, derogatory, politically-incorrect, and insulting language that people may want to engage in and are entitled to under the First Amendment (with the exception of making physical or personal safety threats) on this or any website.

I was so disgusted by the Georgia local court ruling, I went into self-imposed exile from ELI despite strong opposition from my supporters. I nearly shut down ELI which caused a great deal of outrage behind-the-scenes. Fortunately, I was talked off the edge on that foolish, knee-jerk reaction. I was content with my indefinite self-imposed exile until dip-shit, girlie lawyer, Timothy B. McCormack, brought me out of exile by his issuing me a bogus “copyright infringement / defamation / harassment”. It wasn’t good enough that I went dark for nearly a year leaving everyone alone but he then had to provoke me with an illegitimate threat letter. This happened in January 2014 and I have been back ever since. Were it not for him, I would happily be in self-imposed exile. It goes to show that when you display a sign of weakness, your enemies feel they can take advantage. Very stupid move on his part but fabulous for people who love to watch drama, train-wrecks, controversy, and a whole bunch of conflict.

Today, I have the good fortune of having some legal heavy-hitters on my side such as ELI legal advisor and legal warrior, Oscar Michelen, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), First Amendment Legal Scholars Eugene Volokh and Aaron H. Caplan. Win, lose, or draw, I am grateful to them and their efforts to ensure ELI is restored to its full power and glory.

Since 2008, I have worked with the great Oscar Michelen who continues to be the legal warrior for the ELI Community and its readership. However, for years, cowardly extortionists (mostly cry-baby lawyers) have been too afraid to confront me directly because of my cantankerous, obnoxious personality and I have a propensity to mouth off too much, tattling on them too loudly using all kinds of “offensive” and embarrassing language against them. I write about their dirtbag deeds for everyone to read and they end up in Google. They cry to Oscar behind-the-scenes because he generally has a better disposition than I do and he won’t tell them to go fuck themselves in the ass like I would. They figure he is a lawyer and will be sympathetic to their arguments.

While Oscar has been a great supporter and respect for my First Amendment rights to post freely on ELI (my website) it is not fair to Oscar for my words and behavior to negatively tarnish him and others by his association with me on ELI. Not only that, Oscar has always been the gentleman and SAYS he doesn’t mind fielding the directed complaints of me to him. But I simply don’t believe him. He is being nice and polite to me. I believe everyone has an upper tolerance level and I have no wish to test his. Because I value his presence greatly, as the rest of ELI Community does, I have decided to withdraw posting and writing some of my edgier, gossipy, politically-incorrect, and controversial commentaries here on ELI. I think I have placed an unfair burden on Oscar over the years to “defend” me. With all but the most extreme situations as with my current appeal with the Georgia Supreme Court, I am a big boy and can defend myself.

And given that my current protective order forbids me from speaking about my legal adversary on ELI, I am currently forced to make my comments elsewhere. I have chosen my new home for my unfettered, uncensored, unvarnished, no bullshit commentaries. That new home is I work with no one on that website. I bear full responsibility for what I write without having to worry about complaints from cowardly copyright extortionists or anyone who might be offended of what I write. I can deal with them in my own unique way. I know my First Amendment rights and I intend to use them to maximum capacity to speak the unspeakable, being controversial, be politically-incorrect, be obnoxious, and release any truthful secrets I want.  I have no doubt there is going to be lots of mudslinging and name-calling going on. I also hope there will be some rubber-necking along the way.

With all the enemies I have gained over the years through ELI, they can declare “victory” that they succeeded in stopping me from saying all the nasty, politically-incorrect things on ELI. But what they seem to have forgotten is that I am a “web domination strategist”.  I am not dependent on any one website to get my message out. I just go to another website and do my thing as I typically do and people cannot resist rubber-necking. I am going to give a lot of people reasons to rubber-neck Defiantly. I will constantly and unabashedly remind people on ELI to visit Defiantly when they have a chance.

If people thought there was drama, controversy, and edgy language here on ELI, they now get to see what I write when I am on my own without “Daddy Oscar” getting an earful. Does this mean everything on ELI is moving to Defiantly? Absolutely not!  ELI is still a force to be reckoned with and there is a smart community and team supporting ELI. I am not dismantling that. Oscar Michelen is still the legal warrior on ELI as it should be.  My job is to grow the bigger picture, create relationships with allies, get the word out, and expand my business.  Readers who want more than “standard information” and see the ugly and naked underbellypoetic justice of the things I see in this world (going beyond the world of copyright extortion) can get my views on Defiantly.

Currently, there is a great deal of drama as a result of ELI Supporter and friend, April Brown’s efforts to release her book, “Poetic Justice”. If you want to learn about the drama there that has dragged in many members of the ELI Support Team into the online war, you really need to drop by Defiantly.

For many months last year, I warned that Defiantly was coming.  It is now 2015 and I can assure everyone that Defiantly is now here, growing fast, climbing the Google search engines!

In conclusion, I want to wrap this post up with an eloquent sentiment George Takei said to William Shatner in 2006. It is about a rider and his horse. It is dedicated to all those who supported my legal adversary in Marietta Georgia especially Timothy B. McCormack.





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