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Announcement: ELI website sold to new owner


Matthew Chan:
It is with mixed emotion that I make this announcement.  I was approached by a private party to buy the ELI website. They offered a good sum of money for this small website.

After a great deal of thought and consideration, I think the time is right. As many of you know, I have been subjected to a great deal of stress and ongoing attacks by my enemies. It has worn on me and taken its toll.

I've always said to myself if the right offer came along, I would sell the ELI website. ELI has served its purpose for me.  Well, the right offer has come along by an unexpected party and after great thought and consideration, I am going to accept the offer.

The agreement has been set in place, the money will be wired later today.  When that happens, I will be transferring it to the new owner.  At my buyers request, I cannot reveal the identity of the new owner of ELI. I have signed a Confidentiality Agreement so please don't ask.

They may or may not choose to reveal themselves. But for now, the owner has request anonymity.

I wish there was some easy way to share this news but there isn't.  It is what it is.

I could write a much longer piece but then it would sound self-serving.  So I am keeping it short.

It has been a wild 6 years. See you around on the Net.

Matthew Chan

Matthew Chan:
This was only an extended April Fools' Joke against my enemies who so badly want me to leave or shut down ELI.  ;D


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