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The LE/LL/DP Forum has been taken down!


Matthew Chan:
As many in our ELI Family know, I lost the court case with LE.  A Permanent Protective Order (PPO) was issued against me. The specifics of that PPO is unknown at this time.  The ruling has made a lot of people unhappy given that there was a lot of good information in that forum and it was a valued communication platform.  Unfortunately, I was forced to shut it down and block the information within. My constitutional right to Freedom of Speech is now being blocked and information that was freely shared is now being quashed.

Right now, I am working with a team to raise money for an ELI Legal Fund to reverse this ruling through an appeal in the Georgia Court of Appeals so that I may restore my Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Information.

As unbelievable as it may sound, Freedom of Speech can be taken away in 2013. I will explain how this can happen sometime soon.

More information and updates will be released sometime in the future.  For now, the LE/LL/DP will remain closed. No discussions of LE will be permitted on the ELI Forums at this time.

Robert Krausankas (BuddhaPi):
Matthew, not only has your rights been steeped on, but the entire ELI community's right to free speech has been effected. This will not go unnoticed, and some big players will want to get involved here in the very near future.

Matthew Chan:
Robert, it turns out your prediction from last year came true!

The legal team and legal advisors on my side going into the home stretch include:

* Oscar Michelen
* Bill McKenney
* Eugene Volokh
* Aaron H. Caplan
* Darren Summerville
* Leighton Moore
* The Electronic Frontier Foundation

Not a bad legal team at all for a guy who started out all by himself.

Matthew Chan:
This forum was restored to full visibility but subsequently placed on Archive / Read Only Status after our GA Supreme Court victory in 2015. This forum is not longer active and preserved for archival purposes.


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