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Georgia Supreme Court Hands Unanimous Win to Matthew Chan & ELI

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--- Quote from: Mulligan on April 04, 2015, 10:08:00 AM ---Matthew, congratulations to you and your legal team for this very important victory for free speech and the right to express what's on our minds.

All of us online can breathe a little easier, knowing that at least in Georgia we can now legally poke fun at copyright trolls and collection agents like Timothy "Boy, I Sure Screwed the Pooch and Revealed How Little I Know about Law When I Failed to Present a Rational Argument Before the Georgia Supreme Court and Ended Up Looking and Sounding Like Daffy Duck Overdosing on Nitrous Oxide" McCormack.

--- End quote ---

Disssthpicable isn't he.

Congrats Matthew...long time coming.

Sandra Rose:
Matthew, congratulations to you and Oscar for this great win! :)

Matthew Chan:
Yes, thanks everyone.

It was two long years getting to this outcome.  Lots of waiting around.


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