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Matthews complaint / order posted

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Robert Krausankas (BuddhaPi):
I have posted the PPO on copyright-trolls for whomever wishes to openly comment....try to behave yourselves! I will approve any comments as quickly as I can...

Matthew Chan PPO with Oscar Michelen Statement

Thank you for that. I'm really at a loss trying to understand the judge's decision. I'm personally hoping for an appeal. I believe the scrutiny it will create in the world of public opinion can only help ELI and the cause of free speech.

Oscar Michelen:
Thanks for the support jhv

Just wanted to say that it's now over 1 year since I received my Getty letter. It's only thanks to ELI that I gained the peace of mind that enabled me to fight back. I've only recently been catching up on the events of the last month or so. There has obviously been much going on behind the scenes with the change in the hosting so many thanks to Matthew and Robert for your efforts in keeping ELI up and running.

With respect to the court ruling the main thing that has bugged me is the removal of all posts, not just the ones that supposedly caused so much distress. As I understand it the ruling has put a block on any future posts related to this topic, regardless of how factual or inoffensive they may be. If this doesn't impinge on our free speech then I don't know what does.

I'm just thinking out loud here but I was wondering if there was anything the ELI community could do as a whole to help. Is there any way that the factual information that has gone missing along with the removal of the forum be put back up in the public domain. Would I for example be able to put up a single (non postable) page on a free hosting site or blog or something. Would you be able to link to it from ELI? I'm not all that techie so not sure what's involved. Is there anything else we could do?

Thanks again,


Greg Troy (KeepFighting):
Congratulations on Getting your first year behind you, that is a milestone!

Unfortunately right now the only thing that Matthew can do is work on his appeal, you may also wish to contribute to his defense fund.


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