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Oral Argument video for Chan v. Ellis Posted by Georgia Supreme Court

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Matthew Chan:
It's hard to tell how long the Justices will take with their workload. The official reply from the Georgia Supreme Court website is 6-8 months from docketing.

Direct Appeals

The Supreme Court dockets direct appeals to one of three terms of Court - January, April or September. The Court is required to decide an appeal by no later than the end of the second term to which the appeal was docketed for hearing, or the decision of the lower court will be affirmed by operation of law. On average, most appeals are decided within 6-8 months of docketing.

Since my appeal was docketed with the Georgia Supreme Court on July 15, 2014, that would put the ruling around January 15, 2014 to March 14, 2014, around the 2nd anniversary of my getting served with my TPO (Feb 16, 2013), hearing (Feb 28, 2013), and PPO (March 6, 2013) timeframe.

Matt, thanks for the reply. I'm sorry it's going to take so long to get a ruling, but I'm happy that the presentations went so well and am personally confident that the decision will go your way.


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