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Read the July 21, 2014 Ars Technica Article: ELI Case going to GA Supreme Court


Matthew Chan:
Read the July 21, 2014 follow-up article by Ars Technica reporting on the ELI PPO case now going to the GA Supreme Court.

Greg Troy (KeepFighting):
This is a great article and I am glad to see the Ars Technica and others are still following the story.  Thanks for sharing Matthew!

Good read.  I've been following the case as much as possible through the documents posted online.  Unless I am mistaken the following statement from the ARS Technica article is inaccurate:

--- Quote ---After initially refusing to hear the case, the state's highest court reversed course in an order last week.
--- End quote ---

My understanding was that the state's highest court (state supreme court) has never refused to hear this case . . . it was the court of appeals that initially refused to send it up to the state supreme court .

Greg Troy (KeepFighting):
You are correct Lettered and Matthew made the correction in the comments of the article and let the editor know too.

BTW, nice to see you back :).


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