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Let me ask you this: if the band you rep gets booked to play at an event, are you happy with the event just "crediting" them and no money changing hands, or do you want to get paid?

Do you expect the band to be paid their fee whether five, fifty or five-hundred people attend?

If the event isn't profitable for the organizer, do you shrug your shoulders and say "Sorry guys, these folk didn't make much money, so they're not paying us"

Lastly - and this should hit home - if you found the bands music being used in a capacity where it should have been paid for, would you be satisfied with a response of "whoops, sorry, we'll stop using it now"

Artists ripping on other artists is pretty parasitic behavior in my books: do the decent thing, accept an error was made (as a learning point), make an offer to pay the photographer, and move on.

Matthew Chan:
Do yourself a favor and start reading some of the other threads to get a feel of how this stuff works. You are asking questions that seem to indicate you haven't done much self-educating.  People aren't going to give explanations on topics frequently covered before. Copytrack is very tame. You have time to get yourself up to speed before doing anything.

--- Quote from: thegraychapter on November 10, 2018, 09:31:49 AM ---Would you reach out to the photographer personally or copytrack? The maximum the band could give is 100 euros to be honest.

--- End quote ---


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