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Expiration of 3 years - what exactly does it mean?

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Matthew Chan:
I think you are referring to the 3-year statute of limitations (not expiration).

Generally speaking, in layman terms, a plaintiff has up to 3 years to file a lawsuit from the date of discovery of an infringement. And if they don't do so, you could argue that it is too late to claim anything due to the statute of limitations.

However, that assumes you stopped using the image once you were notified. It doesn't mean you can continue infringing indefinitely just because someone doesn't file a lawsuit against you within 3 years.

--- Quote from: Arryn on November 26, 2018, 08:23:49 PM ---In short, I'm asking what exactly the expiration of the 3 years means. Am I completely off the hook for this photo? Thank you!

--- End quote ---


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