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Got a letter from a "Photo Attorney" who is on Caroline Wrights team

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Yup got the letter Friday, they are asking over 4,000!  She states the copyright number of the photo in her letter and a screenshot of the photo.  I did a stupid thing responding saying I don't have money, no credit and owe the irs and state of hawaii back taxes.  In the same email reply to her letter, I sent the google image link I found the image on...stated there were no watermarks.  I had no idea that was considered an infringement!!   

She came back saying for me to send her my tax info (without SSN) and her client would take that into consideration.  She asked for a reasonable counter offer.

I came back to her and told her I took down the image and thought that was reasonable and the right thing to do.

She came back with puffed feathers saying I could be liable for tens of thousands of dollars and repeated for me to please send all my tax documents for them to consider. 

After all that I decided to cruise the internet and found this site... what an impetuous ding dong I can be at times!!   I scanned and sent letter to the attorney here... but man, 295. is hefty fee for me to pay!  UGH.   I do know a few lawyers locally was thinking using them but its not their specialty.  :-(   Sooooo bummed and consumed over this!! 

Robert Krausankas (BuddhaPi):
You won't find an attorney to do this for anything near 295.00...Too bad you researched after emailing them back and forth...yes you could be liable for 10's of thousands, but it's highly unlikely a judge would award that much and also pretty unlikely they would file suit over 1 image...

Hi Robert, I was thinking the same thing after I typed that up.  295. is a small amount.  I am so angry at myself for sending that off before looking around on line.   I was just sort of freaked out.  I spent hours taking all the photos off my website and found a place to buy photos super cheap.  I cant believe I did not know that just because there is no watermark does not mean its fare game to use!!  I would never have used images I was supposed to pay for.


Most people freak out. That's why the racket works. 

Greg Troy (KeepFighting):
Lucia is right the letters are designed to instill fear and make you panic into paying before you have a chance to find out what is going on.  Given what you said I think the letter program is the best solution for you.


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