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Settled with Shane Phillips of Chicago office


I can't say he was nice, but he did help to get my number down from the original amount. He would not back down and I guess be actually believes the stuff they feed him to tell the clients. His direct number is 312 344 4555. At first he was a little prick but after I offered to pay he surely took the bait. I will try to put him as a contact as well. He is no attorney, in fact he admitted he has no legal training. An MBA Student he said. I guess pulling the wool over small business is the way of the new MBA. Try your luck with him. He was the only person who listened. Just never mind his blunt fashion.

Oh yeah. He even agreed that the $1,000 amount was a number generated by the computer program. That was a relief, but then he said usually the number could be lower but it MIGHT be higher depending on how long I had used it. I stuck to the legal lines. The found the image on a set date and I said, "well, if that is all you have then i only used it for that one day" "you're software must REALLY be good" I say we can play the game right back at them.

Oscar Michelen:
I am glad you are pleased with your result and thanks so much for reporting it back to us. I hope the site was helpful to you in some way. I have to tell you that they all follow a script and get their authority to settle from Getty; its just maybe a person's personality may come through in the process, which is great.


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