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Title: The Latest Dirt on Adlife Marketing CEO, Joel Albrizio on copyright-trolls.com
Post by: Matthew Chan on November 12, 2016, 03:09:51 AM
IN all the years ELI has been in existence, I have never heard of so many people coming out of the woodwork to gossip and report on shenanigans of a copyright extortionist as Adlife Marketing & Communications' CEO, Joel Albrizio. He is the guy who has created a stir with his $8,000 extortion letters over food images and has created some grief for the folks at iStockPhoto.

Yes, we have had many discussions regarding a variety of interesting copyright extortionists over the years but it was mostly related to their copyright extortion activities. Very rare would you hear anyone come out of nowhere to discuss their past.

Robert has been filtering through an onslaught of gossip through informants reporting on Joel's prior business & personal relationships and his business shenanigans.  Joel Albrizio might be new to us here on ELI but that guy seems to have an "interesting" history and he has accumulated a LOT of haters and enemies over the years. And it seems he has threatened a shitload of people over the years.  At the very least, there seems to be a lot of reporting of "assholish" behavior. Robert is only the latest guy Joel has threatened. Fortunately, Robert has Oscar and the rest of us on ELI acting as guardian angels watching over him.

Robert's website http://copyright-trolls.com is a small, niche website but there has been story after story on the Adlife CEO and his business practices. If you want to get some insight of a copyright extortionist and how he has treated people in the past, I recommend you take a read.

A lot of what Robert is reporting goes outside what we normally discuss here on ELI but if some of you want to take a peek at the hatred this guy has accumulated and generated over the years, go read Robert's blog.  The guy seems greasy and his past acquaintances are all too happy to keep Robert writing.

Title: Re: The Latest Dirt on Adlife Marketing CEO, Joel Albrizio on copyright-trolls.com
Post by: Robert Krausankas (BuddhaPi) on November 12, 2016, 06:39:08 AM
Yeah the general consensus, is this guy is a douche-bag of massive proportions. I have been directly contacted by about a dozen people ( who all wish to stay anonymous, except for one ), via email, text and telephone. Every single one of them reiterate how nasty, ruthless, and evil he is and can be. I'm not reporting or blogging about any of the gossipy stuff, as I can't really back any of that up with documentation, but the picture is certainly clear in my eyes.