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Advice needed on dealing with HAN: Just got letter from Aldrich Law Firm

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Robert Krausankas (BuddhaPi):
That could be true, it was just a fleeting thought I had, imagine an attorney getting a letter from getty images for using there content...have to admit it would be amusing...

Robert Krausankas (BuddhaPi):
Can't seem to find much more info on Aldrich Law Firm, no case history's, no real internet presence to speak of, except for what I dug out in the referenced post...Maybe because he's only been practicing for like 3 months.

I recommend tapping on his momma's basement window.
When he gets out of the fetal position, and comes to the window, ask for references.


Extortion-Victim-No Longer:
Here we go again...VKT & HAN...Keep reading through the ELI will find a boat load more!

Matthew Chan:
Is Attorney Russell Aldrich a plagiarist? I hate to even bring this word up but what other word do you use for what Buddhapi has found?

His letter includes a FAQ that is nearly identical in wording to the FAQ provided by Getty Images. Take a look for yourself and compare it to his FAQ.

Is this a coincidence?  Or have we caught a lawyer red-handed plagiarizing the FAQ letter from Getty Images? Does Getty Images know about this?

In looking at Russell’s LinkedIn profile:

And his own website bio and profile:

Russell has been a lawyer only since November 2011 (less than 3 months!) And he moonlights as an Executive Officer for the 321st Military Intelligence Battalion, Charlie Company.

He looks to be a very young, inexperienced lawyer. Hawaiian Art Network continues their "excellent" record of using young, inexperienced lawyers to do their collection work. We wonder how long this one will last.


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