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Are State and city offices targets?


Has anyone heard of and state/city/gov offices getting demand letters of any kind? I see state/city offices using illegal imagery all the time on posters, websites, social media, newsletters, etc. I attempted to warn some reps and they did not think it was a problem, that gov offices are excluded from that threat. But they are technically for profit and potentially a big jackpot for trolls because they aren't going to get tied up in legal battles. Curious what everyone's thoughts are on this?

Robert Krausankas (BuddhaPi):
a. how do you know they are using "illegal" imagery ( whatever that is), who's to say they did not properly license the images in question?

b. It's highly doubtful the trolls would file suit against people, organizations, or businesses that have deep pockets, hell they rarely file lawsuits anyway against folks that don't have deep pockets.

c. remember it's a money grab and filing lawsuits costs money, money which they may not get back in the long run.

d. most city/state offices would have an "art dept" that would most likely source the images properly. or at least one one think this.

Because I work with them and have circulated warnings.  I have asked about the source of images when I see things posted or printed and they take things from google despite my warnings. City and state offices are not that organized and do not have  central office or library. Most of the materials and online stuff is managed by an admin person working in the office. I just saw a mailer go out with an image taken from a major insurance company. I again brought up the issue but people thinks gov is exempt from being sued but from what I read that does not apply to copyright infringement.

Robert Krausankas (BuddhaPi):
thanx for the clarification!, I doubt the government is exempt, anyone can sue anyone at any time, the issue here is Getty and likes never target anyone with deep pockets, because ( insert shudder here) they may fight back!

Matthew Chan:
There is a certain Poet that has issued extortion letters to schools (I believe) for sharing her poem.


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