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Hawaii Attorney - "Jimbo" Stephen Street


Matthew Chan:
James Stephen Street (J-Steph) aka known as the 65-year old, presumably Social Security collecting lawyer who pissed away 50-years of his life before he realized he really wanted to be a "painter of the Hawaiian ugly" (snark).

An excerpt of his own words from his website

It was with very mixed emotions that I came to the realization in 2007 that I have been painting in oils for 50 years, in the "spare time" I could borrow away, first from school, then from practicing law, raising a family, .... and many, many life obligations that competed for my time.  Certainly it is a milestone, but there is so much more painting I want to do before I am through. 

My art has always been at the core of who I am and what I have longed to be doing.  My desire to create in oils on canvas was born out of the only formal art training I had (at age eight) and has only intensified and become more urgent as the years pass....

How does that sound to you?  It sounds like he became a lawyer because he was too much of a chicken-shit to pursue what he wanted in life.  He blames the other things like school, family, coaching, etc. that "competed" for his time.  Ummm.... this guy really sounds like a guy who had control over his life, right?  They didn't "compete" for his time. He simply didn't have the stones or what it took.  Instead he decided to "play it safe" and grind away at a large law firm for nearly 30 years.

I can't believe it took him until age 57 to figure out what his dreams were. And when he did figure it out, it took him another 4 years at age 61 to leave the Rush Moore law firm. I suppose all he needed to do is fill in the 4-years before his Social Security income kicked in.

Now, he is "tutoring" Dane K. Anderson, 31, in being a life success. Dane too can piss away 50 years of his life grinding away in law before becoming an arts-fartsy painter.

J-Steph appears to be calling his mainline business of "copyright extortion" as his "day job".  As far as I can tell, he is working for the standard 35%-40% commission that most extortion lawyers do.

He keeps such great company such as Glen Carner of Hawaiian Art Network and Vincent K. Tylor.

One of the more memorable moments ELI celebrated is when Aloha Plastic Surgery in 2012 (through Dr. Pasquale's guidance and direction) decided to go on the offensive and fought them so hard, they decided to "settle the lawsuit".  The terms of the settlement were never revealed but it sure seemed like Aloha Plastic Surgery was happy with its outcome.

Matthew Chan:
Anyone who has information on Hawaiian Attorney James Stephen Street and how he operates, does business, or have legitimate complaints in Hawaii should email me directly at matt30060/gmail. I will maintain confidentiality. I am compiling a report on the Hawaii Trio shenanigans by Dane K. Anderson/Jimmy Stephen Street/Vincent Tylor for other future victims.

James Stephen Street is probably collecting Social Security now (allegedly 65 years old) so I am guessing there is potentially a long history of people who have encountered Jimmy and dealt with him. Almost every lawyer has someone that isn't happy with them.

Hawaiian Art Network has fallen off the radar but the new Hawaiian Trio now exists. I am getting more complaints about extortion letters from Hawaii and need more information.

Matthew Chan:
I am not sure but is James Stephen Street the oldest copyright thug we have every covered? He is a senior citizen for Pete's sake.  I almost feel sorry for him. 

At 65, exactly how many more victims will he terrorize before he retires and get on to his paintings? Does he need the 40% commissions that badly from VKT?  WTF.  I guess the cost of living in Hawaii is enormously high.

Geez, what will his children and grandchildren think that in his retiring years that he is engaging in copyright thuggery of innocent infringers for commissions?  It is an embarrassment. How financially desperate can be?

I guess the Hawaiian Trio can go bully a Senior Citizens Home next for ignorantly posting a picture of Hawaii.

It is all about the money, folks.  Remember that.  Digital photography has decimated the professional photo industry. More amateurs are getting in to take and sell their own photos.  Everything gets devalued along the way.  Professional photographers like VKT become dinosaurs.  Simple as that.


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