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Hawaii Attorney "not-so-great" Dane Kristofer Anderson


Matthew Chan:
ELI brings you another quick rundown on another "seasoned" and "experienced" extortion lawyer. 

The Hawaii Bar website link about Dane:

He pass the July 2010 state bar exam:

From what I can tell, he uses a PO Box as his business address.  This is evidenced by the recent lawsuit filing.  He likely has an office similar to me called "Mi Casa".  However, he is supposed to be this "professional lawyer".

His "professionalism" is so wonderful, he has a non-existent or non-functional website. points to a BLANK page. Even his "tutor" James Stephen Street (J-Steph), has a linkedin page and a website for gosh sakes.

He graduated in 2010, 4 years ago when he was 27-years old!  Wow, he is so experienced now at the ripe old age of 31!  He went to school at the William S. Richardson School of Law.  His classmates will be so proud of him that he has become a leading attorney for Vincent K. Tylor (VKT) as one of the most hated photographer "copyright extortionists" on the Net.

Dane is likely the low-level grunt for J-Steph and has been his tag-a-long for the last few VKT lawsuits. I have no clue if he has artsy-fartsy tendencies like his "tutor", J-Steph.

I wonder if Dane will follow in his tutor's footsteps and piss away a half-century of his life before he realizes his calling.  Maybe this is all he will do in life. Squeeze innocent infringers for money because they don't know how to make money any other way.

Young pup Dane would do well not to go up against any clients similar to Aloha Plastic Surgery from 2012.  Dr. Pasquale wasn't going to take crap from the likes of Vincent Tylor, Hawaiian Art Network, and J-Steph/Jimbo.  It is ironic how when Aloha Plastic Surgery fought back, everything was magically settled in short order.

Matthew Chan:
Anyone who has information on Hawaii Attorney Dane K. Anderson and how he operates, does business, or have legitimate complaints in Hawaii should email me directly at matt30060/gmail. I will maintain confidentiality. I am compiling a report on the Hawaii Trio shenanigans by Dane K. Anderson/Jimmy Stephen Street/Vincent Tylor for other future victims. It will be informative and newsworthy.

Hawaiian Art Network has fallen off the radar but the new Hawaiian Trio now exists.


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