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My experience with Vincent Tylor and J.Stephen Street thus far

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Robert Krausankas (BuddhaPi):
Rest assured Oscar was not "forced" to post anything, just like You and I  we are free to post our opinions, Oscar has been dealing directly with Street and this Tylor thing, obviously he has seen things we have not, I'm sure he would not just simply change his opinion on a whim, does this make Vincent K. Tylor or attorney Stephen Street any less of an asshole..IMHO no, they are both trolls looking to make a quick buck.

@ Robert (not BuddhaPi)...

Firstly, you may want to revise your post to spell Vincent "K" Tylor's name correctly verses "Kay". After all, it's best to be as factual as possible.

I found the following statement in your other post "humorous":
"Oscar posts a message that seemed oddly like he was being held at gunpoint."


--- Quote from: Robert on November 05, 2014, 07:54:12 AM ---Ok so lets just say it.  They got beat down didn't they?  Posts are getting removed here, her posts are getting removed, Oscar posts a message that seemed oddly like he was being held at gunpoint.
--- End quote ---

Reason being is because I had the same thoughts (but not in a literal sense) as it was indeed a seemingly "off" post for Oscar. As an attorney however, Oscar is in the "negotiation" business and I'm sure he is doing what he feels is in his client's best interest.

Wishing Peggy the best possible outcome regarding her case.

Matthew Chan:
I concur with Buddhapi that no one "forces" Oscar to do anything. Oscar very much has his own mind. He is not being "forced" to do anything. Having said that, Oscar doesn't have to explain his reasons for his post nor do any of us have to agree with him. I respect Oscar as an individual and a professional as well as his role as a lawyer to represent his client as he sees fit.

If it means anything, Oscar's post did seem a bit odd to me also. I have not asked him why he posted what he did or what motivated him but I am going to assume he did it for the greater good. He certainly owes me no explanation to post.  Please note that Oscar is very clear in his points of what he believes and what he does not believe.  He is NOT embracing VKT here.

Oscar's view is reflective of his own views.  There are aspects of his post that I agree with and there are aspects I don't. I am sure that is true with every reader.  People make their own judgments with the information they have.  I have no problems saying (barring any new information) that I have little respect for either James Stephen Street and Vincent K. Tylor. I remain a strong supporter of Vermont Studios and very much against this Hawaiian "team".

So count me in with Peeved and Buddhapi that count both of these "people" as "asshats" to put it mildly.

What is interesting to me is how observant people are and how dedicated ELI readers are.  Enemies of me and ELI are amongst are most devoted readers and they are amongst the biggest cry-babies.  After all, they seem to have no problems profiting and causing misery, forcing others to give up large amounts of money. They have no problems being hated by their victims but seem to be easily wounded when others talk about them.

Matthew Chan:
Email me: matt30060 / gmail. I will try to help you find your old account if you give me your name, email address, and any other info that will help me locate your account.

--- Quote from: Robert on November 05, 2014, 07:31:03 AM ---**I am trying to login to my old account here to find my history so I can reference the posts I talked about here.  But if anyone has a link to it can you post?

--- End quote ---

Oscar Michelen:
To quote Freud " sometimes a cigar is just a cigar." Will it help my VKT clients to have me post a positive statement about him and his attorneys? Well, it couldn't hurt I guess. But I was not forced to make any post by gunpoint or any other method. I have been involved in a few litigations with VKT and Stephen Street and Dana Anderson for some time and have not seen evidence of "seeding" or any other unscrupulous behavior on their part. I disagree with them on many levels (as my post states) but they have been litigating fairly and professionally in court. I have participated in numerous court conferences on the cases with both lawyers and two Federal judges who are aware of the number of cases filed on this issue and the court treats the lawyers with respect and professionalism. Part of the reason ELI has been so successful is that its information is current and accurate. I do not want people coming to the Hawaiian Art forums and being misled that they will find evidence that VKT seeds his images on "free" sites or is not doing anything to stop the "free" sites from putting his images out there. They will not (at least I have not to date and neither has any other litigant including Aloha Plastic Surgery). So the purpose of my post was just that - give people some insight on what I am seeing as I litigate these matters to the extent that it is ethical for me to discuss them (that's why I don't set forth specific facts about the cases or my clients' positions). That being said, we are ready willing and able to continue to litigate these cases to test the images' true value and the extent that a court will allow a non-resident corporation to be sued in Hawaii but I hope that we can get finality sooner rather than later by reaching an amicable resolution.             


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