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Where is Woolf, Gafni and Cirlin LLP registered?


Matthew Chan:
This is a continuation of the Woolf Gafni saga first reported in this thread.

After our reporting, they coincidentally changed their law firm name. It appears that Woolf Gafni is back with a new website:  Adam is still collecting for Vincent K. Tylor.

They have renamed themselves "Woolf Gafni & Cirlin LLP". However, they once again claim to have a Los Angeles office.  I have copies of their recent letterhead.

And yet, in the California Corporation database, I once again find no listing of Woolf Gafni Cirlin LLP of any kind. I continue to find this interesting.

Someone may want to find out WHERE Woolf Gafni Cirlin LLP is actually registered, if at all.  Right now, it looks suspicious for such a visible law firm to have such a hidden corporate registration. The California State Bar has contact info for anyone who wants to check up on them.

Matthew Chan:
Just an update. I have seen another one of Adam Gafni's extortion letter on behalf of Vincent K. Tylor. Apparently, he is still seeking his 30%-40% share from the victims.

It is still a mystery where the law firm of Woolf, Gafni, Cirlin LLP is registered.  If it is registered in California, I have not found it and I have tried.

In my view, WGC operates in California and they should be registered there regardless if they are a foreign corporation.

I would say that any victim of VKT and WGC would need to report this California Attorney General's office or the local BBB as this seems highly suspicious. Or perhaps even the California State Bar.

As far as I am concerned, something smells fishy in that whole set up. 


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