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  1. Higbee & Associates - Demand Letter and Release Agreement
  2. Higbee, PicRights and AFP for photo inside a PDF
  3. New tactic
  4. Attorney Mathew Higbee emails ELI's Matthew Chan
  5. Meyer, Suozzi, English, Klein v. Mathew Higbee, Youngson, RM Media, Higbee Assoc
  6. I got a letter from Highbee but I live outside the USA
  7. Canada
  8. Higbee adding 1202(b) claim to demand
  9. RM Media LTD Creative Commons Copyright Statement
  10. Higbee, PicRights and Agence France Presse
  11. Settled with PicRights, now getting harassed by Higbee for the same image
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  16. Useful Info For Anyone Defending Sadowski & Higbee
  17. Beware of Photographer Nicholas (Nick) Youngson of
  18. Photogr-Copyright Troll Christopher Sadowaki using Robert Miller to file suits
  19. Judge Awarded Higbee & Associates $48,000 for Use of 1 Photo!!!
  20. Why would a plaintiff need protective order in a Copyright lawsuit?
  21. Copyright Troll Lawyer Richard Liebowitz has a great online presence!
  22. A Victory For The Guys That Higbee Targets??
  23. NY judge orders client of Troll Lawyer Richard Liebowitz to post $10,000 bond
  24. Prepared Food Photos - Small Claims Court
  25. This Will Be Interesting To Watch
  26. Mathew Higbee & Photog Michael Grecco Launch
  27. Higbee followup
  28. Nicholas Youngson Photographer (Rep. by Higbee Associates) Copyright Abuse
  29. The License Language At Alpha Stock Images
  30. Copyright Registration Question
  31. Higbee Emails for supposed Stockfood America Image
  32. Receive extortion letter from Matthew K. Higbee today - need advice
  33. Higbee Email Follow Up Sequence
  34. Higbee Letter about Copyright Spam on inactive forum on deleted website
  35. Service to "fight back" against Higbee
  36. Letter from Lynn Burke, Sanders Law
  37. Higbee continues to make demands!
  38. Higbee filed complaint, now what?
  39. Higbee & Assoc. Lists RM Media Ltd in Nick Youngson Template Lawsuit
  40. Photo used with no copyright registration
  41. Got my harassment letter. Image. Finding info scattered here.
  42. NY Supreme Court Disqualifies Higbee lawyer: Virtual offices not sufficient
  43. Higbee Fraud (class action for people who have already settled?)
  44. A new twist on Higbee
  45. Higbee & Associates Class Action?
  46. Mathew Higbee of Higbee & Associates Bullshits People about "National Law Firm"
  47. New Higbee / RM Media / Nick Youngson case filed in Arizona
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