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Public Citizen: Consumer Warning - Copyright Trolling by Higbee & Associates


Matthew Chan:
The title of this post comes from Paul Alan Levy's (lawyer for Public Citizen based in Washington DC) recent surprise and meaty expose of Higbee & Associates and their demand letter shenanigans.


As a matter of disclosure, Mr. Levy and I became acquainted a few years back over a legal matter unrelated to copyright extortion. He was a valued and outspoken ally and advocate to which I am grateful to this day. However, even before that, his reputation preceded him because his name would come up on several other matters and issues I follow.

What I am saying is that Mr. Levy is a legal powerhouse and takes no prisoners if he sees something bad happening to people. He calls it how he sees it. He is a pit bull (I mean that in a positive way) when he wants to get information and results. He has no qualms reaching out to potential adversaries/bullies and asking (demanding?) them to explain what they are doing and get their side of things. Further, he isn't going to just sit and wait around hoping that things will work out. He will outright insist for a resolution.

Many of his write-ups are not for the faint of heart. Aside from the very high signal-to-noise ratio in which he writes, he famously includes many piercing links to letters, emails, documents, and other supporting documents to support his argument.  For me, I have to go and click each and every link he provides because there is just some good juicy stuff in there!

Because of time constraints at the moment, I can't extract and quote the juicy stuff he writes. But I will. There is some real "meat and potatoes" he offers and I want to point them out.

ANYONE WHO GETS A HIGBEE DEMAND LETTER ABSOLUTELY NEEDS TO READ HIS POST! There is no single article or post I have seen anywhere that comes close to what he has put together. The stuff he is writing and analyzing makes me look like a 6th-grader. It is that freaking good.

There is a lot to unpack and I will do my best to bring out the goodies that will be helpful to newcomers in the near future.

Fantastic article. Thank you for posting the link Matthew.

Matthew Chan:
Everyone needs to make sure they click through the embedded links and read the actual letters and emails being shared.  They are very insightful and can give you ideas of how to respond and defend yourself.


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