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Corporation Doesn't Exist


Got a Higbee letter addressed to a non-profit we were attempting to make fly, but ended closing about a year later. The image that Higbee references in his letter is from a blog a year before non-profit was formed. The non profit's corporation name is no where on the blog and don't know why the letter was sent to it. Not sure if I should send him the paperwork showing the non-profit was not liable for the image or just ignore the letters. I'm wondering how likely it is that he would then come after the directors of the non-profit corporation personally?

Feedback would be most welcomed.

Matthew Chan:
Without knowing the specifics, it seems to me if they want to target a non-profit that is shut down, let them. They are sending a letter there because that is probably the best info they had available at the time.

However, you also state that the image is referencing an image from a blog that pre-dates the non-profit?  And you want to send them a letter to correct them and have them send it to the correct person? That doesn't seem very wise.

If they want to target the directors, you can't stop them. But I wouldn't help their efforts by correcting them.

People fail to understand that anyone can target anyone with a letter. It happens everyday with legit scams and people fall for it.  These demand letters are not traditional scams but that doesn't mean there isn't a lot of sloppiness going around. There is a time to pipe up and there is time to stay silent. Each has its pros and cons. There is no clean solution but I am not into giving info that helps the other side.

That is why people have to get educated, have critical thinking skills, and stand their ground.

Robert Krausankas (BuddhaPi):
mosgt times the trolls obtaion the address from either the website itself, or they pull up the domain whois, which is what it sounds like in this instance...private domain is well worth the extra few bucks.

Thanks for taking the time to respond. I appreciate it. They have called and we told them the corporation was dissolved over a year ago. We would not give them any more info. They didn't like that answer and keep emailing for more info.

BTW, the caller ID says "Medici Housing," rather than "Higbee." My guess is a virtual office or some unpaid intern is calling from her apartment. Just a heads up in case someone doesn't want to talk to them.


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