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 This is an article I found about Mathew K. Higbee

 Higbee and Associates & Mathew K. Higbee - Scammers

Contact information:
Santa Ana, CA,, United States
Watch out for Mathew Higbee and his scam companies. Higbee & Associates operates under numerous alias's including Recordgone.com, and Mathew K Higbee.

These theives run around on the internet posting fake positive reviews about their company. The truth is they need to post all these fake reviews because they are scamming inoccent people out of their hard earned money. Using Recordgone.com or one of his other shell companies Mathew Higbee and his "team" are charging thousands of dollars for work they never complete. They offer all kinds of fancy promises through their websies, but at the end of the day their service is complete junk and they will give you the run around over and over until they stick you with a multi thousand dollar bill. When you question the bill and services not delivered they will then threaten to sue you.

More here  http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/higbee-and-associates-mathew-k-higbee-scammers-recordgonecom-total-scam-c832547.html

This lawyers name has been popping up and Matthew Chan already done a great reporting what a bullshit artist Higbee is. 

Matthew Chan:
The is very interesting about Recordgone.com.

It is also interesting watching his promo videos and the style they use. He is very obsessed with appearing "large" to the public although we at ELI know better that he uses virtual offices and rented addresses.


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