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Higbee & Assoc. (Nick Youngson) Sends $20,000 demand letter


Matthew Chan:
Every time I think I figure something out, I get proven wrong.  :-(

I thought Mathew Higbee of Higbee & Associates (on behalf of Nick Youngson) had a well-oiled system of sending out $5,000 extortion letters for Nick Youngson images. Well, it appears a reader (who I am in process of email contact) is now reporting that Higbee has sent out a $20,000 extortion letter!


However, there seems to be some dispute if this is a single image or multi-image issue right now.

This amount is among the highest I have seen from ANY company or agency! It appears to be a missing attribution issue as many other people have faced.

I am in the process of getting more information on this to find out if this is a one-off situation or the start of something nastier and uglier.

Matthew Chan:
As an update, in the interest of accuracy, the $20,000 demand letter is for 4 images, not one image.  $5,000 per infringement.

No one in their right mind would willingly settle for $20,000 for four $20 images. It is a wet dream by Higbee. They seem to be getting bolder and bolder and it might blow up in their faces. It takes some real nerve to send out 5-figure demand letters is all I can say.

I also received an extortion letter.  I see his business is not photography but truly abusing the law to extort money from innocent hard working people


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