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Title: Higbee Retaliation Option
Post by: Taffy on September 13, 2018, 12:25:04 AM
Other than California, it appears that most of Higbee’s offices are virtual. This gives us a unique opportunity for retaliation.

Check your state department of revenue, state business license database, and city and/or county business license database for Higbee.

If Higbee is nowhere to be found report him to the appropriate authorities for operating a business without a license and failure to pay city and/or state taxes.

Typically you can make anonymous reports. 

Then flag his local Google business listing citing that there is no such business at the address and no such business with an appropriate business license in the city/county/state.

It only take a few people doing this in each state where Higbee has a virtual office. In short order Higbee could face state tax audits, city/state fines, Google removal, etc.