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Matthew Chan:
Here is a better link with some documents to download read.  PacerMonitor is a terrible resource.


It is interesting. Apparently, Nick Youngson felt the need to hire a sole practitioner lawyer to enter the case to fight the default judgment. I guess he doesn't want himself or RM Media to get hit with a default judgment despite the fact he is in the UK.

This is what happens when Youngson authorizes Higbee to file dumb lawsuits.  Some defendants do bite back in very unexpected ways. I have been saying that for years. Better be careful or else.

I cannot imagine that Youngson's new lawyer is working for free. So, SOMEONE is paying for this. My guess is that Youngson/RM Media did not count on having to spend money defending a countersuit and trying to untangle this mess they started.

Robert Krausankas (BuddhaPi):
Thanks Matthew, no i don't have to into pacer...you know what happens when I get in there!!

Ethan Seven:
I cannot believe how slow this court is.  It might be another year before the defendants actually have to file an answer. 


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