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Show Your Support: A PayPal Contribution


Matthew Chan:
The extensive time and hard work put into this website and forum has been entirely voluntary. The information we have diligently researched, gathered, and openly shared is to assist the ever-growing community of Getty Extortion Letter recipients. To date, this website continues to be a free service.

ExtortionLetterInfo.com has become the definitive informational website in the U.S. to combat Getty's extortionistic letter practices.

At the suggestion of one our enthusiastic supporters, I have set up a PayPal Contribution Button (throughout the website) for those of you who wish to show your appreciation and gratitude by contributing and assisting our ongoing cause to fight the Getty Images Extortion Letters.

Help our cause by supporting the ongoing work and updates to this website by making a contribution.

I recommend a small contribution of $10.00 to $40.00 if you have found useful and valuable information that assisted you in defending yourself against Getty Images. You may contribute as frequently as your prefer. But just realize this is an ongoing fight. I need ongoing community support to continue work on this website.

Thank you for your continued enthusiasm and supporting in our cause.

Matthew Chan (Host of ELI & The ELI Forums)


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