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Some nuggets regarding Higbee & Associates lawyers


Matthew Chan:
It has been awhile since I peeked in on the Higbee & Associates website.

In particular, you might want to look at the About the Attorneys page.


Can anyone tell me what appears to be a recurring trait about the Higbee lawyers?  They are "youngish".

I was also provided some reasonably credible info (but I have not verified it personally) who checked into some of Higbee's court filings that they are being filed by a "Melissa Higbee". However, that "Melissa Higbee" may, in fact, be Melissa Clark on their Attorneys page. The suspicion is Mathew and Melissa may be spouses.


It might be useful to start tracking which Higbee lawyers are dumb enough to put their names on some of these lawsuits.

And some might wonder why I look at these things? Because there is a lot of insights you gain by understanding the people, structure, and relationships of the people involved.

Higbee has a habit of making himself "much larger" than he really is. Robert and I verified and reported he uses various virtual offices and virtual business address to create the illusion that he is a "national" law firm.  Actually, he is primarily a California law firm and one of the "staff lawyers" may, in fact, be his wife.

Things are never what they seem to be and ELI tries to look a little further than the letters we see so frequently.

Robert Krausankas (BuddhaPi):
Melissa "C" as in "Clark" Higbee are one in the same...


Robert Krausankas (BuddhaPi):
I wonder how Higbee feels, becoming the new Tim McCormack of the copyright-trolling world? Maybe he should contact Timmy to see about partnering in the drug business.


Wow, you guys are just as good as private investigators!!! You should get your own TV special!


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