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Techdirt: Stupid Law Firm Threatens Something Awful Over Hot-Linked Hitler Pic


Matthew Chan:
I stumbled across this Techdirt article from October 2018. It is about the Higbee law firm issuing a letter to Something Awful owner, Rich Kyanka, over a hot-linked Christopher Sadowski image that was uploaded by another party, not the letter recipient. What is included are the colorful responses of Mr. Kyanka.


The way the guy responded to Higbee law firm is funny and eye-popping. People know I can be outspoken and I have used my share of 4-letter words as I deemed fit but I don't hold a candle to Mr. Kyanka. 

The source article is here:

A big takeaway is not to fall for the BS argument that you infringed if you hot-linked an image. You can. However, I don't recommend it simply because of the time-suck involved in an altercation like this. But that doesn't mean you cannot do an image-hotlink if you really want to.

However, if you read Higbee's employee's response, it is clear some of them are really clueless. If they even had paralegal training, I would be shocked. To her credit, she was pretty calm overall if terribly offbase.

The owner of Something Awful stood his ground and played other cards (albeit in a more flamboyant way than I would advise) in his responses.  There is something to be said for the "little guy" telling a misinformed person to piss off. It just so happens, he knew his shit too. He was on solid ground. Good on him, I say.

On a side note, according to LinkedIn, the Higbee employee named by Mr. Kyanka left the Higbee law firm in Dec. 2018, less than 2 months later after that incident. Probably a coincidence. She lasted barely a year at the Higbee Law firm.

Robert Krausankas (BuddhaPi):
I think i want to hug this guy!!!!

I almost died right here. LMAO!!!

"CEO and now also PRESIDENT of internet"


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