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Actress Suing Amazon for Being "Outed" of her true age


Matthew Chan:
I have been following this case with interest about an Asian actress that was "outed" of her true age. She wants to sue Amazon anonymously without having to reveal her name. If she decides to go through with this, her career is over. More damage will have been caused by herself (self-infliction) by suing Amazon for something so stupid like actually revealing her true age! 

I hate to say this because I come from Asian descent but many Asian women are abnormally weird about their age especially those that depend on their looks and vanity to get by in life.  All I can say is GMAFB.

Lost of women-- including on asians are weird about their age and weight. I discovered the weirdness about admitting their weight back in 75-77 when I was in high school and requested ID when people wrote checks. I knew at 5'4",  I weighed 130lbs, and all these drivers licenses of women who clearly outweighed me claimed values like 105lbs.  As. If.

Robert Krausankas (BuddhaPi):
Theres a really good joke here concerning measurements, But i'll refrain to uphold our professional standards!


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