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IPTC and CEPIC efforts with Google result in more robust copyright information



TL/DR: If Google indexes a photograph that has IPTC metadata embedded in it, it will now display those results as part of any search query. The next major hurdle for photographers and agencies will be to ensure that their client's workflows keep all metadata intact at the point of publication.

On a personal note, I'd love to see Google's algorithm give priority to results that contain embedded IPTC data/

If that happens, it will go a long way to preventing instances of "I didn't know the image was under copyright" or "I didn't know how to find the author" which, by extension, will mean people are less likely to use such works in a cavalier manner - which could lead to a net reduction in infringement claims and litigation.

That's got to be a win-win for everyone, right?

Don't see this feature rolled out yet. Looks like a progress to google's current blanket warning statement "Images may be subject to copyright. Learn More".

The feature is very much live; when I look at any Google indexed results of images in my online archive, it clearly displays the IPTC and EXIF data embedded in them.

The next - bigger - hurdle is for clients to not strip out IPTC data from image files when they license them; it's a technical issue, because let's say that a small (500px or less) .jpg is all they need to use - that can be rendered at a file size of just a few kilobytes, allowing for fast page loading. That same 500px .jpg, with full IPTC and EXIF data embedded, can be many multiples of that size.

For every image, that adds extra bandwidth fees when serving them up... at no current net benefit to the client.

This aside, the roll-out is still a step forward in the right direction.


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