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  1. is Here! The Drama & Controversies ELI Can't Publish!
  2. Pietz Law Firm files Class Action Lawsuit Against Rightscorp
  3. Is Pic Scout spying on people?
  4. CEG TEK extortion email
  5. New Filing Presents Evidence John Steele Uploaded Videos To BitTorrent Himself
  6. Canadian firm monitoring illegal downloading for court cases
  7. Malibu Media is changing its tactics
  8. Judge Wright is fed up with Brett Gibbs’s and Prenda, hints at incarceration.
  9. P2P Troll Keith Lipscomb Need Your Help Incriminating Yourself
  10. Sunburst Pictures v Tuan Nguyen
  11. Double Tap - A Great Weapon Agaist Trolls
  12. Verizon Determined to Expose BitTorrent Copyright Trolls
  13. Finnish Police Raid Home and Confiscate Winnie The Pooh Laptop – Are We Next?
  14. Porn copyright troll sues Verizon, angry it won't cough up user names
  15. ~Copyright Litigation~
  16. Prenda Case Defendant Gives Copyright Trolls What for
  17. Judge Leo Sorokin spanks copyright troll Marvin Cable
  18. $1.5 Million Default Judgment Against Kywan Fisher (Flava Works INC
  19. Nick Ranallo to Prenda: “Put your money where your mouth is”
  20. File Sharing! Think Twice..
  21. "It’s Time To Debunk The Myth That Copyright Is Needed To Make Money"
  22. Swedish Police Warn Internet Users Not To Pay Fines To File-Sharing Fraudsters
  23. Copyright Trolls' Bogus "Negligence" Theory Thrown Out Of Court Again
  24. Pirate Bay founder arrested in Cambodia upon visit of Obama ambassador...
  25. Copyright extortionist lawyers whining about websites
  26. Demonoid Torrent Site Busted As A Gift To The United States Government
  27. Judge sides with porn P2P plaintiff, setting up legal showdown
  28. Judge Howell Tells ISPs They Must Comply With Subpoenas
  29. Disabled Prenda lawsuit victim threatens suicide.
  30. Copyright Trolls Ignore Court, Undermine Alleged BitTorrent Sharers’ Rights
  31. When Porn Copyright Trolls Attack And Judges Fight Back
  32. Another Small Victory in the Malibu Media Lawsuits
  33. BitTorrent Plans To Help Artists Get Paid While Giving Their Creations For Free.
  34. A step backward in the Prenda case
  35. More and more people are fighting back!
  36. Another reversal for the trolls -- and they head right back for more
  37. Copyright trolls attempt to extort a wrong person, invite a class action lawsuit
  38. Judge Wright Calls P2P Lawsuits an Extortion Scheme
  39. Funny Response Letter to Prenda Law
  40. Funny Video About Recent P2P/Bittorrent Legal Extortion Story
  41. Furious judge decries "blizzard" of copyright troll lawsuits
  42. Book Publisher Getting into the P2P/Bittorrent Lawsuit Business
  43. The Pirate Bay must be blocked by UK ISPs, court rules
  44. Judge Calls Out P2P/Bittorrent Copyright Troll Scam in Plain English
  45. Judge tosses P2P lawsuits because attorney was practicing without a licence
  46. Two Florida judges reject copyright troll fishing expeditions
  47. American ISPs to launch massive copyright spying scheme on July 12
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  49. Prenda Law Lawsuits: Continuation of Steele Hansmeier Lawsuits
  50. Steele-Hansmeier Settlement Demand Letters