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Title: CEG TEK extortion email
Post by: angelkitty2224 on July 25, 2013, 10:20:38 PM
Okay. First off to say I have NEVER illegally downloaded anything.  ;D

I received and email from Charter, who I use internet from. It was a notice that I was illegally downloading something. And they posted a copied notice of a complain from some people (or thing) called CEG TEK. Never heard of them. I freaked out. My internet is protected, and my wifi is fairly well monitored. I recently bought a computer. Before we only used the internet for gaming consoles. :(

When I clicked on the information link, it sent me to a site where it had me log in my case #. When I did it told me I had 10 counts of illegally downloading porn! They wanted to "settle" for $2000, or they would sue me. I started crying and freaking out. I never did anything, I'm innocent. Why the hell should this happen to me? I would pay them the money, if I HAD it! I only make $2 an hour as a waitress. I don't have that kind of money! :'(

Also when I looked at the dates of the pornographic films they are accusing me of downloading, 6 of them were BEFORE I even owned a computer!  >:(

I looked into it, and see quite a bit of controversial things all over the internet about this. Some say pay it, others say ignore it. But NOBODY says exactly what CEG TEK is! I don't know squat about them, and am terrified of being taken to court. I know nobody in my home did this, and I know it didn't happen. Is it a scam? Am I being targeted? Can someone explain this to me please?
Title: Re: CEG TEK extortion email
Post by: Robert Krausankas (BuddhaPi) on July 26, 2013, 07:24:14 AM
this is very widespread, and i am going to strongly suggest you visit fightcopyrighttrolls.com, and dietrolldie.com as they deal with nothing but these porn dirtbags and you will get a full education there.