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Pietz Law Firm files Class Action Lawsuit Against Rightscorp


Matthew Chan:
There has been quite a bit of mentions over the years over the possibility of a class-action lawsuit against copyright extortionists.  For us here at ELI, it has been something that has never taken hold because we have never come across any lawyer willing to take on such a task.

Our friends at has tweeted a link by the Pietz Law Firm that announces that they will be taking on Rightscorp through a class action lawsuit. I have only lightly followed the Rightscorp saga but they appear to be a public company that has taken some hits in their stock shares. In any case, the Pietz Law Firm seem to think that it is a worthwhile endeavor to pursue Rightscorp, so it should be interesting to watch.

To quote that article, Rightscorp allegedly engaged inL "unlawful telephone calls, emails, and letters from Rightscorp’s “DMCA Agents.”  The complaint seeks class damages against Rightscorp for violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, California’s Rosenthal Act, and Abuse of Process.  The complaint alleges unlawful robo-calls, as well as other unfair debt collection practices, and that Rightscorp has abused the legal process by issuing DMCA Section 512(h) subpoenas that it knew were objectively baseless."

I am not familiar with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act or the Rosenthal Act but they appear to be two prominent angles to legally pursue Rightscorp. However, ELI has discussed the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act as well as the DMCA process.

Greg Troy (KeepFighting):
Interesting, thank you for sharing this.  I know we will want to follow this and support out friends at FCT.


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