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Does anyone have information about what types of legal/ethics violations to cite if making a CA Bar complaint against Mathew Higbee? Please do share.

My suggestion is to google the CA Bar Association code of conduct, read it, and make the best case you can for violations of that code of conduct.  That is what I did with attorney Lauren Kingston (who worked for Timothy McCormack's law firm) and the WA Bar Association. 

After I pressed my bar complaint, forcing her to hire an attorney to respond, on her behalf to the Bar, I never heard another word from her about their complaint against my firm.

Getty Images Letter Forum / Re: School tutor
« on: April 04, 2017, 10:21:38 AM »
If the contacts or letter are from an attorney, I would contact the Washington State Bar Association.  You would need to point out to them that extortion violates the WSBA code of conduct.

Getty will respond with some boilerplate about advocating on their client's behalf and the WSBA will contact you indicating that if they don't hear back from you in 30 or 60 days, they will consider the matter closed.

This is where you press your case.  Give them the details and explain why this is extortion.  In my case, the Getty attorney had to get another attorney to represent them before the WSBA.  I never heard another word from Getty or their attorney about my case.

Getty Images Letter Forum / Re: School tutor
« on: March 22, 2017, 09:31:06 AM »
There are lots of choices.  First off, don't panic.

Ignore any deadlines they give you.  They are phony anyway. 

Take the time to learn your options by delving into the Getty Forum here.  Only you can decide what you can stomach.

Cease all contact with them till you have decided your plan to deal with this.  They use what seems like normal negotiation communication to phish you out.  They have already learned that you are a real person and how to contact you.  They have an inkling that you might have a conscience or be legally averse.  Deal with them only on your terms.

UK Getty Images Letter Forum / Re: Getty Images Letter
« on: March 07, 2017, 09:31:39 AM »
If you are closing the business, I would not worry about this.

If they turn this over to a collection agency, simply inform the agency that this is not a debt but a claim (which, in your opinion is invalid).

As long as you communicate with them, Getty will continue to pursue this in the hopes that your conscience might cause you to part with money on their behalf.

There's lots of good information on this forum.  The more you absorb, the more comfortable you will likely be with ignoring them.

How dare you insult rocks like that!

What amazes me is that he continues to leave VOJF up now that it has been linked to him and AdLife Marketing. I would think anyone searching for AdLife marketing or Mr. Albrizio would have to come across all of the VOJF articles and stories. I would think seeing the way it appears Mr. Albrizio has behaved, attacking and involving innocents would be a major turnoff to do business with his company.

Spot on, Greg and Robert.

I hereby apologize to rocks, everywhere.

  I almost wonder if he subconsciously wants to come out. After all, I must confess he is a pretty good self-promoter and self-marketer in some respects. Although VOJF is disgusting and a disaster of epic proportions.

OR maybe he is just dumber than a box of rocks.

Well written analysis, Matthew!  Sadly, someone who has vowed to "destroy Robert" won't see it that way.  He can't be objective about any of this, because he is way too close to it.  My thought was that Robert understood that and that was why Robert wrote the open letter to Brendon - in the hopes that the son could get the father to look at things a little less emotionally.

I am starting to enjoy watching this unfold.  The more Joel digs at Robert, the deeper a hole he makes for himself.  I remember seeing Joel's Facebook account on the screen shot posted on VOJF.  I just wasn't sharp witted enough to screen capture it, because I didn't think Joel would figure out the mistake he had made.  Good for him for figuring it out.  Too bad it was too late.  In case anyone missed what you unveiled in your last post, I will state it clearly for all to read.

VOJF is Joel Albrizio's creation.

Open Letter to Joel Albrizio:

Hey Joel,

Are you really the president of a marketing and communications firm?  When I read the crap you post on your blog, VoicesofJupiterFlorida, I cannot believe that to be possible.  Let me explain.

Your writing stinks.  It lacks cohesion.  It's all over the place.  It's possible that this is a subject you are emotional about, and that's why.  But it's really bad.

So then I thought about the marketing and communications firms I have hired in the past.  They are usually run by either artsy types or writer types.  Maybe you are an artsy type president.  But no, all the artsy type presidents of marketing and communication firms that I've met, know their limitations when it comes to writing.  They let their copy writers do the important writing.  You clearly didn't do that on VOJF.

Why do they leave the copy writing to the pros?  That way things get proof read.  That way they can stay on point.  That way they can make certain they are communicating with the proper audience.  That way they can make certain that their call to orders are succinct.

Your stuff is all over the place.  I even considered the possibility that perhaps you were trying intentionally to dumb the stuff down for the community of Jupiter Fl, or you were dumbing it down to sound like the women you were impersonating through your writing.  How demeaning of you to do such a thing.  But then I thought, no this is not a pre-scripted act.  In my opinion, you really are as dumb as you come across.

And you think that the people of Jupiter FL are going to fall for it?  How sad.

I am still looking for the retraction and apology you owe me.  In the mean time, I am going to delight in watching the number of internet enemies you make grow.  Maybe you should take a cue from that renowned troll attorney, Timothy McCormack, and retire from copyright trolling to grow some pot.

Here's a fun little note I discovered while writing the last post.

Auto-correct changes 'Joelsica' to 'Joel sick'.  Do you all suppose auto-correct has discovered what we all know to be true?   If so, I am guessing that Siri and Alexa won't be far behind.

Once they all know that, it shouldn't be too difficult getting a Wikipedia post published equating the name 'Joel Albrizio' with 'Joel sick'.

Still haven't seen that retraction or apology, Joel.

I'm not sure if Joelsica  has enough trolling complaints against himself and his company, Adlife Marketing (I believe) to justify his own piece of real estate on this forum,  but I am pretty certain that it is not something he would relish.  Can you check that out Matthew?

Based on your experience (Matthew and April), do people who have signed non-disclosure agreements as part of a trolling settlement, tend to come forward and share their stories in an anonymous context like this forum?  I know from experience that Joel despises the anonymity provided here.  It makes it so much more difficult for him to dig up dirt on his enemies.

I still haven't seen a retraction or apology post Joel.

Legal Controversies Forum / Re: Some basic copyright questions to discuss
« on: February 09, 2017, 09:16:25 AM »
That can't be true.

You can argue all you want.  Courts love arguments.  That's what keeps them in business.  But Robert is a professional photographer and knows whereof he speaks.

You can tell the judge that you took a class somewhere that says creativity is a necessary component of copyright.  Unfortunately, the judge (if in the U.S.) is likely going to bring out the Digital Media Copyright Act and quote law at you while passing his judgement.  You might want to google DMCA and read a bit of it.

If you want to get philosophical, you might want to ask yourself how one measures creativity.  Then ask yourself how photographers measure creativity.  To a novice with an iPhone, these things might be happenstance, but to a photographer issues like framing, lighting, filters, colors, just about any aspect you can modify with photo editing software, are part of their creativity.  When looked at from that point of view, those 20 pictures taken by 20 different photographers might each be very different creative works.

Slow down, Peeved.

April called me cute.

That doesn't happen very often.  Although, I might have to question her judgement if she only deducts 1 point for emotional instability.  I think this guy hears voices.  That's minus 20 and we are only rating on a 10 point scale.

Maybe we should start a "Rate the Troll" website?

He has lost this fight. He needs to huddle with the best people in his company and with his family and ask for their forgiveness and help.

April,  All I asked for is a sincere apology and that he take down his BS article.

I find it funny though, that you think this guy is cute.  I remember a few days in Atlanta a few years ago when you thought Robert was cute.  :)

Let's discourage those here from stooping to that level.  I don't think we need to make stuff up about this guy.  I'm pretty sure he'd be unhappy if we just told the truth about him. 

Maybe the truth about how he reflects on his wife and kids.  He went there.  It may be crossing line to go after family, but he went there first.  We'd at least be truthful about it. 

He came at me out of the blue.  I'm led to believe that social media is ripe with images and data about his family.  Has he published that apology yet?

Jessica Langston is a fake name being used by Joel Albrizio, which can be easily proven via IP addresses I have in my possession from emails sent from Jessica from a Pawtucket RI address person
The Jessica Langston FB has since been removed as being a bogus account.

And yet Joelsica writes a post on VOJF condemning me for using the moniker I have been known by on ELI for over half a decade.

He has accused me of being Robert.  He has accused me of contemplating crimes.  He is, in my opinion, a real dirt bag.

Listen Robert, I have been traveling a lot and will be traveling more into early March.  But if you want to go after this guy, I have a few bones to pick with him too.  Say the word.  I will be happy to contribute my efforts to letting the world see Joelsica for what he is.

Note to Joel Abrizio:  If you want to get off of my bad side, I demand that you take down all posts mentioning me on VOJF and write one that includes a sincere apology for the BS that the voices in your head made up, when writing that post.  I don't usually devote a lot of time in my life to scum like you, but you started this.  You play dirty. And you have gone after people that have been very kind and helpful to me.  These are not helping you win friends and influence people, here.

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