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LCS is a collection agency, is still in business and cannot "enforce copyright", they can only try to collect from you. If you told them this was a "claim" and not a debt, they are bound by government regulations to cease and desist and send the "claim" back to the client ( photographer, PicRights, etc...), which would explain why you never heard back from LCS.

I would suggest you keep any and all records from 3 yrs ago, in case someone comes out of the woodwork again (picrights), at that time you can politely or not so politely tell them to pound sand, as the 3 yrs SOL has expired...Once the 3 yrs. from the date of their first contact has come and gone, you will be in the clear, unless you continue to use the image, or other unlicensed images..

Getty Images Letter Forum / Re: Pixsy Demand Email
« on: November 22, 2018, 07:50:55 AM »
do your homework, get educated, use these forums to decide what is best for you..This questions has been asked a million times, and answered just about as many..All of the answers are here already, you just need to do the footwork.

you remember correctly Matthew, Hughley was working for Carolyn Wright before she retired.. I think she was also a "personal shopper" or some such garbage..

Getty Images Letter Forum / Re:
« on: November 06, 2018, 11:50:43 AM »
I'm going to sound like a dick here, but, if you received Getty letters in the past, why on earth did you either not vet all of your images, or why did you continue to use images you had no license for? I'm having a hard to drumming up any sympathy, but I digress. Your options are largely the same as with a getty letter, take a chance and ignore it, or respond, try to settle for less.

I'll just add this...copyright exists at the moment of creation.."Registration" is NOT required, although it does afford more legal protections for the artist... It would be very easy for me prove if someone used my images..I would simply present the RAW file, which is the original file which could not be altered or duplicated..and includes all of the image data.

Getty Images Letter Forum / Re: Pixsy Letter Questions
« on: October 17, 2018, 11:28:10 AM »
"My strategy is to be such a thorny dick that nobody will want to mess with sending another stupid letter.  "

Just a suggestion here...maybe you need to vet your images, confirm they are all legit, this way you really don't have to worry about getting another letter..

The problem you expect the normal person to know and understand it and before they had the notice for copy rights it was not clear or understandable for people who don't understand computers or how it works.
There's a reason why it happens so many times.

which is exactly why EVERY image indexed by google includes "Images may be subject to copyright. Learn More" with the learn more leading to

"2. By discouraging and scaring common people here on this forum, what do you gain? Boost to your ego? Satisfaction of trolling? Or do you feel smart thinking, I am a contrarian.

For example, you clearly do not have my interests at hand. So why do you expect I engage with you? Or anyone for that matter.
In this fight, I have my skin in the game. You don't. "

DVG is clearly NOT discouraging and scaring anyone.. His posts are always well thought out and clearly explained, he might be "the enemy" in some eyes, and we may have to agree to disagree with what each believes..

 I suppose you could decide to follow the advice of "Unfairly Targeted".. : )

Generally speaking we here advise to not contact anybody directly, as you can easily state something that could come back and bite you, however, since you pretty much admitted to using the image without a license, it probably doesn't matter at this point..( since we all know for a fact that Higbee and others frequent these forums)..i doubt contacting them will yield the desired results, at the end of the day, the artist wants to be paid and higbee wants to be paid..

Getty Images Letter Forum / Re: Change of ownership at Getty
« on: September 27, 2018, 06:33:36 PM »
Gettys reputation is in the trash and it willcontinue to be there, both users ( letter recipients) and photographers hate Getty Images and what they stand for. Jonathan Klein did a very thorough job of tarnishing a once well respected name.

My guess is that Higbee does not know you are out of the US, especially if they have only communicated with you via email.

Rest assured Higbee now knows, since he is reading the forums...

My guess is that Higbee does not know you are out of the US, especially if they have only communicated with you via email.

UnfairlyTargeted is a steady stream of horrible advice.  It is reckless and constant, despite continuous correction and coaching.  Unless someone views him as comic relief, he hurts the credibility of this site.  He may mean well, but he needs a disclaimer or giant asterisk by his posts.

while adding the asterisk, can we have a like button??

Without "defending" anyone, I don't think you can compare  the pron case to what is generally discussed here, that case was a completely different beast, in which the trolls went to new levels to deceive and extort monies from unsuspecting people. I the 10yrs of the existence of ELI I can think of maybe and I say maybe one instance where a photographer "may have" seeded images, and if so I don't think it was done with the intention of filing copyright suits, I think that idea came to the troll later down the road, when he realized i mighty be a good idea to send letters.

I think this is the biggest reason why a lawsuit for single image has not gone all the way through a jury tirial and verdict or extremely rare.  Asking for thousands of dollars for a photo with a market value of $10 would be thrown out as a colossal waste of tome.  But, it's not about that.  It's about the copyright troll scary ignorant people to cough up the cash right away and that's where they make 99% of their money.

exactly correct....hell even with schwabels tree image, it would not be a winning proposition for him to file suit over hius image he sells for 499.00 on Getty images, unless he can surely prove would cost him that just to file the papers..without a lawyer..

Getty used to send letters threatening lawsuits, if they got no reply, they would have off the case to their "lawyer" Timothy McCormack, would then send letters threatening a lawsuit and upping the demand amount..layer #2 of the fear many times did Timothy McCormack appear on court on behalf of getty images?? ZERO....hell he may have only been in court one time in his career when he made the mistake of going up against Matthew Chan in the Georgia Supreme Court, where he made himself and his client look like a side note our old buddy Timmy now grows pot for a living.

hence, "you get what you pay for" persoinally i don't have an issue with a photographer charging x amount, it's their work, their prices...heck I'm a business owner and have my own prices, if one doesn't want to pay what i charge there are other options out there.. What gets me is when a stock agency like getty tries to collect 1k on an image that is RF on their site for 5 bucks..or even worse ( and wev're seen this) when a getty RF image suddenly gets shifted over to RM when  a letter gets sent..I've always had an issue in which these companies elect handle the situatioin..

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