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contact Oscar, don't pay them, ignore the deadline as it were..they like to try to scare us into paying them, for less that what they are demanding Oscar will handle it, and you can rest at night...

Righthaven Lawsuits Forum / Re: DMCA protection NOT automatic
« on: April 30, 2011, 09:27:13 AM »
I currently host over 300 domains, haven't run into any issues as of yet I'm just thinking ahead as it were.. most of the domains are registered by the client or registered on behalf of the client with my compant only listed as the tech contact. So I'm thinking that much like Getty handles things it would most likely be directed at the owner of the domain..Still going to look into this further as it's not that much of investment for a little extra peace of mind.

If he grabbed it from google, then he is responsible for it, there is nothing in the law that states that a copyright must be visable, so in a nutshell he did infact infringe and he should take resposability for his actions. Kinda like walking down the street and seeing a shiny new lawn mower in my yard, just because there is no sign on it stating it belongs to me, doesn't give someone the right to take it..

Righthaven Lawsuits Forum / Re: DMCA protection NOT automatic
« on: April 27, 2011, 08:50:44 AM »
Any thoughts on this.... I own a design and development company, but also offer web hosting to my clients, if these clients do choose to host with me, they have access to the servers, and the ability to upload, whatever they see fit, images, pages, post, ect...i'm wondering if register for the DCMA takedown if that would cover me from future issues, or would i need to register for every single domain I am hosting...any thought, opinions appreciated..

Just a quick thanx for sticking it out and support all of us!

Did your designer sign the letter prior to developing the site?? If so I would suggest that you ask your designer to promptly contact getty in regards to this, I would send a certified letter so you have a signed record, and the designer can't come back and say they never got it. at that point if they refuse to contact Getty, you might want to mention that they ( the designer) will be hearing form your company attorney, as you not only have a signed letter, but you also have the certified letter...If I were in their shoes I would most likely contact Getty and do whats right rather than have to fight 2 legal battles... Curious if I'm right on this as I'm cedrtainly no attorney!

short , no and no to all, don't confuse the rights of a photographer with copyright issues, they are completed separate beasts altogether.

Getty Images Letter Forum / Re: Famous letter in.... Belgium !
« on: April 12, 2011, 04:59:13 PM »
yes it's a lot, yes they try to scare you, no they won't go away if you ignore it, a watermark is not needed legally, they may very well have a leg to stand on..

Here's another thought / idea which I will look into..there may be a way to tie this eli site into a platform called "networked blogs" ( not sure if it will work because of the forum format) anyway I have a blog using this and essentially anytime I post to my blog, if feeds the FB group page I have set-up, which in turns feeds my twitter account.. a great time saver. I can't speak of FB pages as mine was set-up way back when they were called fan pages, I know they've made significant changes since then.

actually there is a group on FB, which I did not create or start, but have been adopted to the admin..I think the creator bailed and I was the second person to join the group, hence I'm the "leader" I have done anything with just a couple of post back in Oct. 09, feel free to join the group Matthew and I'll gladly make you the admin if you wish, or I would be willing to remain admin and police the posts, which would be less work for you..

::EDIT:: I have tracked down the creator of the group ( we are both admins) and have asked him if he is still interested in the group or possibly taking the group to a new level with my assistance. Matt: I know you've got like 14 plates full of various things,I haqve some time to dedicate to the cause.

I agree with Matthew, doesn't much matter who owns the company, but rather who owns the domain, if you own the domain you own the site ( at least in Getty's eyes) I currently host well over 300 doomains and many of those we registered by me on behalf of my clients. I have since changed all of the domains to reflect that the adminsitrative contact listed is that of my clients, thus making them the "owner" of the domain, while I keep my info listed as the technical contact.

I had the same issue, been a subscriber for a while now, only thing i can think of is when i subscribed I might have checked to not recieve emails. Ultimately I re-subscribed using a different email address and I got the link in my email almost immediaetly..

Also worth noting is taking steps to prevent the wayback machine from re-archiving your site in the future, instructions can be found here. I've gone a step further and also added a noarchive tag in the meta section of my pages, with this google should not archive cache your pages and your images will stay out of google image search..

I think that forward tilted thinking will come back and bite them at some point, the more we educate people about these tactics the less people will use them which will in turn hurt their bottom line. One question thats been in my mind is if Getty is representing the artist / photog and paying them a percentage for every image that is licensed ( i think thats how it owrks) what happens when Getty collects these outragous amounts from the scared and un-educated, do they (Getty) also pay a percentage of that to the artist?? My guess is no, they kepp 100% and probably claim that it all goes toward finding the image, generating the letters, and writing out the deposit ticket for the bank. I would also take a guess and say they probalby treat thier artists much the same as they treat us..

Just for the record and not to open a can of worms, but google states on all of the images they serve up from outside sources the "This image may be subject to copyright.". I have now resorted to having in a section in all of my contracts releasing my company from any issues that may arise. I always explain in great detail to my clients the proper & improper way of obtaining images, invariably I'll ask where this or that image came from and they say I found it on google... Kinda an extra layer of protection for me, even tho i now Getty targets the domain owner. Understandably most people just aren't educated in these matters, and they have the mentality that "if it's there I can use it" I liken it to walking into the grocery store, all these products on the shelves, but you just can't help yourself, you have to go thru the checkout line. I hope that i'm doing my part to educate a small number of folks to help them avoid this matter altogether..

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