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Getty Images Letter Forum / Re: Pixsy Letter Questions
« on: October 16, 2018, 09:58:22 PM »
The OP said the photographer climbed fences and snuck past alarms.  I don't think there's any way the dickhead photographer was there legally.  So he should be called out. And punished for his holier than you stance with his stupid photo.

My strategy is to be such a thorny dick that nobody will want to mess with sending another stupid letter.  There's the legal way to do things and the way it's done on the street.

25 million times for the search result?  Is this the piece of shit Tom Schwabel again?!

Why won't that fuckhead just go into a hole and die with his shitty overedited copied from everyone else trash?

Getty Images Letter Forum / Re: Pixsy Letter Questions
« on: October 15, 2018, 02:56:52 AM »
I'd report the photographer to the landowner along with the information that he's illegally selling photos he has no permission to take, encouraging the landowner to press criminal trespassing charges.  I'd also respond to Pixsy with the same, telling them pressing this matter further will land the photographer in criminal trouble.

You should not pay anything when you haven't broken the law, but the photographer clearly has committed crimes.

The double standard and hipocrasy of these stupid wannabe hacks that hire Pixsy never fail to amaze me.

Meanwhile the little guy is getting hurt in a system that set up to screw him coughed in the language of legality.  He's the one that's called a thief by a bigger thief who has the nerve to act like he has the moral high ground when he's committing extortion?

Amen to that.  You guys seriously need to get with the real world and stop living in the fantasy world of antique law and overinflated picture values from 40 years ago.  Reforming the laws can't come soon enough.

They can't do anything to you.  Personally, I wouldn't even take the image down in this case. Waste as much of Higbee and the photographer's time and money as possible.  Let them prove to you that the image is actually one they own and that you used it in a way that isn't allowed.

I don't think you can compare for different reasons.  The porn video at least had value.  It took time and creativity to make it.  Probably money too.  It was sold, not given away.

Looking at our seeder Schwabel, he GIVES his work away, changes rights back and fourth between copyrighted and creative commons, spreads his work around on free image sites and social media, and his work has NO value.  It isn't original.  It's all copies of something that a real photographer did.  How fucking hard is it to go take a picture when you've been spoon fed to go to this or that place, place your camera in this exact spot, and press a button?  Why do you think people are using his work taken from free download sites?  They're using it because it looks like something that should be free.  Like a cheap knockoff of a designer handbag - when you need something cheap that looks expensive.  If I want the real thing, I'd go pay for it.

Then look at all of his buddies on Flickr.  Half of these no-talent hacks would claw at the chance to give away their work just to say they've "professional" or "published".  They sit around and have a daily online orgy and jerk-off fest getting off from exchanging likes with each other.

So you've got a guy that has work with no new creativity that goes around deceptively spreading images to make people take them.  That's worse than the porn case.  At least the porno had some creativity and value.

Ethan, don't worry, I haven't fallen sick.  I'll mention him again soon.  Gotta keep the shitty posts about him at the top of his search results so eventually the felon can't extort a piece of dog shit off the sidewalk, let alone sell a single legitimate photo, which I doubt he's ever actually done.

Or, the fact that there are 70 cases means this guy is another POS image seeder.  How else would you have 70 defendants to sue in court plus hundreds of others that settle before going to court if you haven't been off spreading your image around in deceptive actions to trap people into using them?

That's what I'd look into and bring to the attention of the court.

I meant pic on the internet that's been sold for that much.  Not some antique photo.

btw, dollar menu is tasty.

Still waiting for someone to show me a pic that's worth hundreds or thousands and is somehow better than something available free or on istock for some cents

No, Schwabel hasn't sued me because his case is full of shit.  I would have relished the idea of him suing me just to see how much of his time and money he'd waste.  It's very hard to squeeze money out of someone even with a judgment.  Assets can be hidden and sheltered offshore.  Credit destruction isn't an issue for some people if they never use it.  It's just a big waste of time on his end.  What's better is how I would have brought in a tough litigator friend of mine to grill him on the stand over his manifesto and manual on extortion.  It would have messed up all of his luxurious excessive travel plans for months with court dates and depositions.  And the evidence I have on his seeding and collusion with law firms as part of his racket would have been very damaging and embarrassing.  Then when he lost his case, I would press criminal charges for extortion.  Given his background including prison time for identity theft, it would end very badly for him. You know, as a felon, it's very hard to escape your past and get a clean start.

Getty Images Letter Forum / Re: Picrights & AFP Copyright Infringement
« on: August 14, 2018, 07:37:22 PM »
Wait, did anyone catch this?

The photo is of a art installation that I created at the Oregon Eclipse Festival in 2017.

So the piece of trash photographer involved in this was petty enough to go after someone who created the art in the photograph?  Without this poor victim, the photographer had nothing to photograph.  Talk about petty, greedy, and messed up.  This is exactly the shit I see all the time from trolls.

Uh, Schwabel still has images with Getty.  So that sack of shit has agreed to two cents per image.

As to images selling for hundreds, thousands, millions of dollars...  please show me some examples.  I'm curious how these are so different and better than what's free.

As to someone using a Pixsy troll's image and saying it must have value because someone used it...  maybe someone thought the image was the correct one for the price... free... not knowing that it had been seeded by Schwabel to trap them into an extortion scheme.  I certainly wouldn't pay for that shit.  It's like beer.  I'll drink a Bud Light if it's free.  But if I have to pay I'll find something better than piss water.

So, why do I say photos are worth very little?  Check this out:

So if a piece of shit like Schwabel sells photos on Getty (he does), then he's accepted that he'll be paid TWO CENTS per license.  If you get a letter from this royal piece of trash or any other Pixsy trash and you feel you must reply, offer two cents, but tell him that your hourly rate to verify his claim is at least minimum wage.  Since you will spend more than a minute or two reading his crappy email, then he now owes you for your time, which exceeded two cents.

Write ripoffreports and bad reviews of these fucktards and move on with your life.  They don't deserve the time of day.

As to the anger, maybe if your reputation is dragged through the toilet for a few years, your criminal record is dragged up and sent to all of your clients, sponsors, friends, employers, and customers, you're audited constantly because someone keeps tipping the IRS off that you're taking your extortion money under the table, then maybe you will think twice about writing an email over a stupid fucking image on the internet.  One that's no different than a million other images on the internet that are free.

In the off chance he actually sues and in the off chance he actually wins a judgment....  who cares?  Just don't pay it.  It's very hard to get money from someone who doesn't want to pay anything, even with a judgment.

I wouldn't pay a talentless POS Pixsy "photographer" a single fucking cent.  The people that use Pisxy are unsuccessful pieces of human trash that have no other way to sell their crappy photos of protein powder, and they know it.  Read up in photography channels how they talk about how to extort the maximum money from people and how they can't sell their photos for more than pennies otherwise.  There's one really notorious POS, Tom Schwabel, who has a whole handbook and manifesto online with full instructions on how to carry out this scam.

What I do is expose the POS for who he is, make sure his "customers" (if he has any) are made known that he's a POS.

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