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Ask Your Questions: Answers will be in new video update


Matthew Chan:
For the first time, we will be attempting to answer the most important and frequently asked questions through our video update. We will answer some questions that haven't yet been asked!

Now is the time to get updated with the latest information and insights from the two people (Oscar and I) who have lived, monitored, reported, and advised thousands of letter recipients for the last 3 years.

What your most important questions you want answered regarding Getty Images, Masterfile, Imageline, Righthaven, defense letter program, extortion letters, etc?


I got a letter from Getty about a week ago trying to charge me 780.00 for an image I had used to do artwork from, I didn't even use their actual photo! Anyhow, I stupidly I guess contacted them via email and got a response. After finding your website and others I wrote back and said I had taken the image off and was not going to pay any money and had contacted my lawyer.

They just wrote back today and said I had to pay the money anyway and to have my lawyer contact them! I didn't respond and don't plan to. What would you suggest though, I don't have to pay do I since I already removed the image...

Thanks Julie


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