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Bernina Asking For $146,727.53 In Judgement Against George P Riddick

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Hopefully the courts will grant that amount plus a few extra million on top of that amount to deter the other copyright trolls. Still, even if Bernina only gets the $146,727.53 it should be enough to get Riddick to stop his harassing activities. 

"In this case, Defendants have also threatened, accused, harassed, and bullied at least hundreds of other individuals and entities based on these false claims—most of whom lacked the resources and capabilities to question or challenge Defendants. Defendants’ abuse of the copyright system should be deterred by this Court. Deterrence is an additional factor district courts should consider in deciding whether to award fees under the Copyright Act."

Meanwhile, is Riddick's home in Virginia up for sale?

Maybe Riddick will move to Florida where the homestead exemption laws will protect his house?  Or move in with mom?


Good post, and great research.
This case really dispels the myth that people can't fight the copyright trolls.

He didn't put up much of a court fight.
So, perhaps, his legal bills for himself wouldn't be very high.

It appears that Riddick's liquidating his assets before a court judgment can be made.
Then, hide the money.



Here is some additional information on that house for sale. "Chris Riddick" would be his son, I believe.

TRUSTEE'S SALE OF 164 CARRIAGE POINT LANE, Glen Allen, VA 23059 In execution of a Deed of Trust in the original principal amount of $255,200.00, with an annual interest rate of 3.7500% from CHRISTOPHER RIDDICK dated September 23, 2005, recorded among the land records of the Circuit Court for the COUNTY OF HENRICO as Deed Book/Instrument # 3972 AT PAGE 2109, the undersigned appointed Substitute Trustee will offer for sale at public auction at the front of the Circuit Court building for the County of Henrico located at 4301 E. Parham Road, Richmond, Virginia on June 30, 2011 at 3:30 PM, the property with improvements to wit: LOT 2, BLOCK 1, SECTION 1, CROSSPOINT CARRIAGE HOMES, AS SHOWN ON PLAT OF SUBDIVISION ENTITLED "CROSS POINT CARRIAGE HOMES, SECTION 1", DATED MAY 27, 1998, RECORDED NOVEMBER 4, 1998, IN THE CLERK'S OFFICE, CIRCUIT COURT, HENRICO COUNTY, VIRGINIA, IN PLAT BOOK 107, PAGES 133-135. AND further described in the above Deed of Trust. (Tax Map No. 790-764-8307) THIS COMMUNICATION IS FROM A DEBT COLLECTOR. TERMS OF SALE: ALL CASH. A bidder's deposit of $15,000.00 or 10% of the sale price, whichever is lower, will be required in cash, certified or cashier's check. Settlement within fifteen (15) days of sale, otherwise Trustees may forfeit deposit. Additional terms to be announced at sale. Loan type: Conventional. Trustee's File No. 11-215123V. PROFESSIONAL FORECLOSURE CORPORATION OF VIRGINIA, Substitute Trustees, C/O Shapiro & Burson, LLP, 236 Clearfield Avenue, Suite 215, Virginia Beach, VA 23462 (757) 687-8777

It sounds like George Riddick's bankrupt.
Is this correct?

I hate to say this, but he has many enemies who are probably rejoicing right now.


Maybe, but since the above says "Christopher Riddick" it could be his son's address.  Not sure.  I got the address from court documents as one of the addresses where George was served.  The latest address for service is 319 MacMurdo St, Ashland, VA so that may have been George's address all along.  Then again, maybe not. 

I hope it WAS George's place though.  :-)   I'm guessing he put enough financial stress on a lot of people to put some of them into bankruptcy.  What goes around comes around.



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