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Title: He strikes again...
Post by: anotherone on September 09, 2010, 08:39:09 PM
I too fell victim to Mr. Riddick  last December when I received an email informing of a copyright infringement for one image I had on a website that I paid to have created in 1999.  

When I emailed back asking which image was claimed I got the response that the 'identified image will be sent to you tomorrow' .  I did receive what image it was which I had not even recalled being on the website as it is very small and was only for decorative purposes.  That same day it was removed from anywhere located on my website.  

I also received the demand for settlement verbiage that others have mentioned here but did look up the name and saw that it was a scam.  I think I even found this website at that time and so forgot all about it until yesterday.

I got a certified letter from Image rights claiming I did not respond to a letter from an attorney's office from last year and demanding money once again.  I did not get any such letter last year but this was enough to be upsetting.  Once again I found this site and have solicited the aide of Oscar Michelen to help with this matter.

Thank you Mr. Michelen for putting me at ease and stopping my panic attack!

Looking forward to getting this resolved!
Title: Re: He strikes again...
Post by: stevep on September 10, 2010, 07:47:51 AM
Wow, I wasn't aware Riddick was using Image Rights. Good reason to stay away from that company! I was just thinking of letting them look for my images on the web too.
Title: Re: He strikes again...
Post by: SoylentGreen on September 10, 2010, 01:03:25 PM
Riddick's probably using "Image Rights" because his reputation is in shambles.  He needs to hire another company as a front-end for his copyright trolling.  A lot of letters from his phony "attorney" are going into the shredder these days, to be sure.

In addition, he may be using their services to find alleged "infringements".  It also looks like he's back to going after end-users once again; I guess that's safer than harrassing larger companies and getting sued for it.