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Is it time to retire this Riddick forum?

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Every once in a while I check back to see if there's any news. But it seems he's dropped off the face of the earth. No more ranting comments on various articles, no one coming here asking for advice, no press releases, looks like his site's gone... I don't think he's dead, but he seems to have given up, at least for the time being.

Anyone have any concrete info?

Robert Krausankas (BuddhaPi):
I don't, but I haven't poked around either...seems there is no shortage of trolling douche-bags..when one goes away another appears.

Matthew Chan:
I consider the Riddick Forum as evidence of ELI's early battles against someone who grossly used and abused the extortion system. Riddick put Getty Images to shame with his insane and crazed tactics.

There probably will never be much here to update. But for people who are bored and want to look at where ELI has been, this forum can be some fun reading.

Matt, I found the Riddick forum fascinating reading during my two days of saturation reading of everything last year after receiving my Getty letter, so I think you're correct to leave it online even though it doesn't see any action anymore.

Of course, at my age, I don't see a lot of action any more, either, but I'm still interesting...

Right? Isn't that right?

Oh God, the silence is deafening. :)

Oscar Michelen:
I think the Riddick forum can be retired but it is a testament to another important principle - be careful who you choose to litigate against.  Riddick was flying high until he picked on Bernina.  The digital image industry was rolling along, getting favorable meetings and letters from the Copyright Office, until a photographer named Muench went rogue and sued publishing giant Houghton- Mufflin.  Masterfile went after Chaga who has a viable business and did not lie down.     


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