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Is Riddick Dead?

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Matthew Chan:
If it means anything to you, even lawyers think twice about us especially put the glaring light on them.

There is just something they don't like about their names being associated with a website name "extortionletterinfo". I been told that the word "extortion" upsets their sensibilities.

Ironically, I have grown comfortable with my name being associated it. LOL.

--- Quote from: RiddickCritic on February 07, 2012, 04:44:06 PM ---Agreed Matthew.

There's been so much good information exchanged here, and so much support, we're all very fortunate and grateful to you & Oscar for keeping up the vigilance.

When I was growing up, I had an early growth spurt, and I was usually "a hand" taller than most kids.  I also had a pretty strong sense of right & wrong (thanks, Mom & Dad) from an early age. So I often found myself in the position of protecting kids from bullies.  Even now, the best way to light a fire under me is to violate my sense of fairness.

I hope Riddick slithers back under rock he came from, forked tongue, soft white underbelly and all.  If he wants to strike anyone here, I hope he understands that he's taking us all on.

--- End quote ---


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