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Is Riddick Dead?

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In Imageline/Riddick vs Bernina, it was determined that his stock art was not registered properly (he registered everything in bulk).
Also, his designs were very generic.  Nothing that he could sue for damages over.
Therefore, we may never hear from him again.


Like all trolls, this jerk (I'm trying to keep this PG-13) should go back under his bridge.

Nouns & adjectives that come to mind for this son of a... gun : bully, extortionist, liar, manipulator, thug, pig, criminal; opportunistic, incredulous, scatter-brained, incompetent, delusional, and deceitful.  Hopefully we can add "broke", "homeless" and "suffering from hyptothermia" to the list at some point.

This clown was his own worst enemy.  Picking on moms and housewives using embroidery patterns was stupid enough, but going after HP, and especially Bernina, was the textbook definition of "over-reach".  Plus I know that there are a few people here who stood up to the bully and told him to go pound sand.

If he so much as looks in my direction again, I will hit him with the force of a hurricane.

George, go back under your bridge, wallow in your misery, continue to pick the toe jam from your smelly feet, and stop wasting everyone's time with your bullying tactics.  With the internet, we are able to share information thanks to sites like this & contributors such as the participants on this board.

If you look in our collective direction again, we will CRUSH YOU.  Read that again: we will hit you back HARD.  Fines, rulings, court costs, attorney's fees,  etc.

George, if karma is real, you should be constantly looking over your shoulder, because you've certainly gone to the well too many times.

(Even though Riddick writes like a 6th grader, I have almost no doubt that he's aware of this board and probably reads messages from time to time, even if it takes him a couple minutes to read each sentence.  Riddick, if you're reading this, know this: there is enough focused and cooperative anger and hate towards you, we will band together to crush any idiotic, redneck, backwoods bullying maneuvers you attempt, so run away now before it's too late.)

I have not heard any updates, and would love some news too. I was part of the Cafepress case. Cafepress will not share anything with us except it was dismissed. I am curious if Riddick received any settlements from Cafepress or HP. They both were dismissed, but it said with prejudice, which from what I understand means he can sue again. Such an unbalanced individual you just never know what he might do. And Bernina updates, is there a way to know if he paid up or not? His images he complained about in the CP case were very generic, and some were not even the same image.

"With Prejudice" means that he can't can't file a lawsuit over the same case again.  Those cases are over and done.
These IP lawsuits haven't been going well for him recently.
With these major losses, any future case could face a quick summary dismissal based on the failure of his previous cases.


My mistake, they were dismissed without prejudice. So he could re-file. I would just like to know why they were dismissed, if a settlement was reached where cafepress and HP paid him something to go away. I am not sure how to read an interpret the documents. They seem to not say much to me, and I think sometimes that info is not public?


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