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Is Riddick Dead?

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Sorry for the sensationalistic headline, but is this fat bully swirling the drain?  Haven't heard too many updates lately.

I'll never forgive him for his bullying tactics, his lies, his extortion attempts.  I don't wish the man to die a slow, agonizing death -- but if he did, I would have to think karma was knocking on his door.

Riddick, if you're reading this, I swear, go ahead & try to knock the battery off my shoulder again (anyone else here old enough to catch that reference?)  I will flatten you like a pancake.

I was wondering the same thing! I posted earlier about the cafepress and hp case. Both appear to have settled. I was listed in the CP case. The image in question was not even the same! So obviously different, I could not believe it made it in the exhibits. And a few of the others, similar, but not the same images. Not sure with Cafepress what happened exactly. If they settled, or it was dismissed though mediation. It was dismissed without prejudice, so he could re-file against the individual store owners. Cafepress will not tell me much. I wonder too with HP what happened. I do not understand a lot of the legal stuff, so it would be great if someone who understands all of that would update us!

The wording on a lot of the documents with Cafepress seemed to me they were trying to say the art was being re-sold, or redistributed. Which is not the case, the shop owners created designs and then products with the design. The actual clipart was not for sale.

From what I've heard, not dead but pretty much out of commission. 'Course, he could come back full of piss and vinegar if the latest IP laws pass through Congress and give him new ammunition.

Would love to hear any Riddick updates...

It has now been over a year since Riddick sued anyone, that I can find. His usual holiday spree of suits don't seem to be there this time around. No news, good news? Maybe he's finally learned his lesson. That and this website is keeping people informed such that he's lost the element of surprise.


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