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My Comments on the George Riddick/Imageline Controversy (by MatthewC)

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Mr. Michelen,
Thanks for the info; I had a little chuckle over that.  His mom was likely up in age when he borrowed money from her.  I guess that she figured that it was either him or Enron.

Did IMSI settle "out of court"?

That's pretty odd stuff.  So, Riddick buys some domain names and squats on them.  His business plan is to sell those domains to people at a price that he decides, and then provide a "domain squatting service" with the intent to receive 50% of the profits when the domain is later sold to someone else?  The numbers or dates as part of the domain names would make them practically worthless.

Here's one of my favorites from the list "war on terror":



Here's a press release regarding a $2.6 million judgment that Riddick got against IMSI in 2000.

Apparently a schedule was set out for payment over a few years. Based on later court papers, he became desperate for cash in 2002 and started trying to strong-arm them into paying him faster. It's mentioned in this 2002 financial report where they accuse him of harrassing and extorting them, trying to change the terms of the payment schedule set out in the 2000 judgement.

That, according to the following press release, was settled in 2003...

His desperation for money may have been to fund his appeal of a declaratory relief judgement granted to Xoom (cited in the Bernina case - the original complaint is exhibit D in this document Matthew posted... ).

I have not seen the trial court's ruling, but Riddick did appeal it and it went to the 4th Circuit.  The 4th Circuit's ruling on Riddick's appeal can be found here.

He tried to appeal it to the Supreme Court, but they refused to hear his appeal and let the 4th Circuit's judgement stand.

Every one of those domains has an expiration as part of it's name!  ( And look at the prices that he just made up!  

An unsettling look into the absurd.

Thanks a lot for the links; that's great research.  I know that others appreciate them as well!!
It's interesting to compare what monies he sometimes seeks versus that of other civil cases.
Often, more monies than civil cases involving murder.

Yeah, unsettling..!  I've seen some other business ideas that he's just kind of "thrown out there", but not pursued to any extent that I can see.
I sometimes wonder if he's waiting for someone else to use his "ideas", and seek damages in court for that.



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