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You reap what you sew and it appears that Mr. Riddick's seeds have really begun to grow in ernest.
Terry S and Mr. Riddick may indeed find themselves in court or worse.  

Sorry...looks like the article is gone.  Have you seen Mr. Riddick's damage control postings?  "The perfect gentleman?"  On what planet?

George P is great manipulator. If you read his comments on numerous blogs about copyright, it's hard to believe that it is the same person who wrote those ugly letters exposed on this site. He's like split personality - kind and rightful in the public and merciless and bullying in private emails that only victims can read. Now that he has been exposed to the public, he's trying more than ever to tone down his obnoxious letters by commenting any negative article about him anywhere on the Internet. The concept is pretty much the same - one time leader in graphics industry (yeah right!) ferociously protecting copyrights of his small company (that by the way does not have a functional web site for more that a year now) and writing angry comments about Google and Microsoft (which he never dared to sue for infringing his copyrights).

George P has a non-functional web site with a message "Relaunch in month xxxx" just for the victims to get impression that the company he is representing is real and exists. When a victim gets his extorting email, the first  thing victim does is to find out more about this company. After you eventually  enter Imageline's web site, the message about site being redesigned is posted. That gives you impression that the company had a web site for a long time and now it is redesigning it. WRONG! The site is defunct for more that 6 months now. The message is always the same - "Launch in..." it's just different month.


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