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Riddick and Imageline sued in Federal Court

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Here is a summary of the case filed yesterday in Federal Court in Chicago against Riddick and Imageline. The filing goes on to explain why they believe Riddick's copyrights are essentially worthless.

1. This action arises from (1) Defendants’ false allegations of copyright infringement and threats of litigation against Bernina and its authorized dealers; (2) Defendants’ misuse of copyright to extort money and gain concessions from Bernina; (3) Defendants’ bad faith publication of defamatory statements about Bernina; and (4) Defendants’ malicious interference with Bernina’s valid and existing business relationships. Since Defendants, by their conduct, have created a real controversy between Plaintiff and Imageline, Plaintiff seeks a declaratory judgment that it has not infringed upon any valid copyright owned by Imageline. Plaintiff further seeks damages and injunctive relief as a result of Defendants’ defamation and tortious interference with Bernina’s business relationships with its dealers.

This is an important posting.  Riddick definitely harassed the wrong people. This court action could change the ‘game’ entirely.  Additionally, I believe that a win by Bernina could set a precedent wherein the likes of other Copyright Trolls such as  Masterfile, Getty images and others could no longer risk sending extortion letters seeking payment for content that they cannot prove that they even own. Can you imagine a class action put forward by a large group of Getty extortion letter recipients?  It’s clear that the likes of Getty and Masterfile state hugely inflated prices in their demands, and try to claim damages that don’t exist (much like Riddick). This is already a victory for anyone who’s been a victim of Riddick’s extortion business.


Matthew Chan:
Riddick never "got it" how his letter-writing tactics are so outrageous, they make Getty Images look respectable.  Riddick basically engages in outright lying and impersonation.  Getty Images may bully and bluff but Riddick goes way beyond.  Hence, he has generated so much bad karma that someone has decided to something about it and turn things against him.

For anyone that is interested in reading the full complaint as it has been submitted, click the link below.  It is pretty serious.

Good reading. Thanks to my friendly anonymous contributor for providing me this Pacer file.  You know who you are.  We all appreciate your contribution.


Matthew Chan:
I just received another email from my friendly contributor source containing 4 more court documents from the Pacer system relating to the Riddick, Imageline lawsuit initiated by Bernina of America.

Because I now have 5 separate documents (with more to likely come in this case), I have posted an editorial/article (bright yellow box) with links to each court document on the main Riddick/Imageline Information page.

If that link doesn't work, this is the direct URL:

Good reading all.

Oscar Michelen:
I have reached out to the lawyer on this case and directed him to this site where he can get more background information on the issue. He reported back to me that he had gone through the site and found it very useful.   I will be keeping in  touch with him and the progress of the suit. Riddick picked on a company who can ill afford his defamatory bad-mouthing and can afford the litigation to put an end to it.  This could be very significant!


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