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Matthew Chan:
The extensive time and hard work put into this website and forum has been entirely voluntary. The information I have diligently researched, gathered, and openly shared is to assist the ever-growing community of Riddick/ImageLine Extortion Letter recipients. To date, this website continues to be a free service I have personally funded. has become the definitive informational website in the U.S. to combat Riddick/ImageLines's extortionistic letter practices.

At the suggestion of one our enthusiastic supporters, I have set up a PayPal Contribution Button (throughout the website) for those of you who wish to show your appreciation and gratitude by contributing and assisting our ongoing cause to fight the Riddick/ImageLine Extortion Letters.

Help our cause by supporting the ongoing work and updates to this website by making a contribution.

I recommend a small contribution of $5.00 to $10.00 if you have found useful and valuable information that assisted you in defending yourself against George P. Riddick III and ImageLine. You may contribute as little as $1.00 or as high as $100.00. You may contribute as frequently or as infrequently as your prefer. But just realize this is an ongoing fight. I need ongoing community support to continue the work on this website.

Thank you for your continued enthusiasm and supporting our cause.

Matthew Chan (Host of ELI Website & Discussion Forum)

Matthew Chan: has grown beyond this core website and the discussion forum. We now have an extended Internet presence on these websites:


Enjoy. Stay Informed.


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