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Former Righthaven CEO Secretly Hires Lawyers For The Company He No Longer Has An

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Robert Krausankas (BuddhaPi):
Gibson is like the energizer bunny, just jeeps going and going...stay tuned it's not over yet!


"Defunct copyright troll Righthaven seeks resurrection"

"Steve Gibson, Righthaven’s former chief executive, said if Righthaven prevails on appeal it could "return to a going concern" and satisfy its debts."

"Unfortunately for Gibson, the administrator won’t authorize it, arguing that Righthaven should pay its debts—more than $200,000—instead of litigating further."

"Gibson added that none of Righthaven’s assets are being used to pay for the appeal."


"Fight for control of Righthaven escalates"

"Pearson, should she prevail in the dispute, has threatened to sue Gibson for malpractice as she’s blaming him for the company’s apparent insolvency."


Gibson has stated that he's not using Righthaven monies to continue his litigation efforts.
If it can be shown that he was actually fired, and is no longer in Righthaven's employ, wouldn't that mean that he's acting on his own?
I believe that a solid argument can be made that this has pierced the corporate veil; litigants could now try going after Gibson personally.
If there was ever a opportunity for a class action, this could be the time.



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